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Oh noes! unanswered support email

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Hi there,
I sent a support email concerning cross-platform upgrades and my 50% off coupon and haven't had a reply. The coupon exiry date has now passed, please look into my email "issue-16174"

Kind regards,

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  • Did you check your spam folder? I replied about two hours after you sent the email. :(

    I'll send you a PM with my response in it and we can take it from there.
  • Looks like there's nothing new under the sun - I have the same problem, 'issue-16281'. And I'm not even using a spam filter :confused:
  • @Pantagruel's Friend
    Emily sent you a reply a couple hours after you sent in your support email as well. It looks like you email server or something is deleting all mail from us. I have sent you a PM with the content of her email.
  • Sorry guys, this happens sometimes and it's not clear why, since the auto responses go through okay. (It's frustrating for us, too!) If a couple of days have passed and you haven't received a response, it's always good to post here and ask.
  • It's even stranger than that, because I get all the other E-mail from Telltale (the Alerts, the support autoreply, the purchase confirmations, and I even got the W&G deal notifier) - but not the ones with the coupon numbers :confused:

    Scott, I replied to your PM.

    Thanks for the help!
  • We send support emails through a different system than our other emails, so that might have something to do with it. But who knows.
  • It seems like I'm not receiving your responses either. (I checked my spam folder.) Could you please send me a PM if you have already replied to 'issue-16531'.
  • Doug wrote back on April 16. I'll send you a PM with his response.
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