Which TWD character most resembles you?



  • I'm male, but my personality is somewhere between Carley and Shel.
  • Brenda St. John

    Haha, nah ;D
    I'd love to be like Lee (badass), Luke (kindness), Omid (humor) and Molly (wit), but I think I'd be more like Doug, Shel (minus Becca) or even Ben.
    Or I'd lose my shit completely, who knows.
  • I think I definitely relate to Lee the most. At least my version of Lee.
  • A rapist cannibal..... 0_0 .
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    Danny St John and Danny from 400 days.

  • Appearance, probably Carley.
    Personality, probably also Carley
    (Hopefully I don't get shot in the head or get eaten by walkers.)
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    I'd be a mix of Duck and Ben. Childish but able to survive, but every decision I make with good intentions ends up just f***ing shit up. Sometimes.
  • OMG....I am dying.... I laugh so hard right now :))

    No, no, no. I wasn't coughing Carol, I swear. It's just....allergies?

  • I hate Rebecca too..... for many many reasons.

    Good, it seems that you haven't read any, because even with your lack of knowledge in this regard, you would have been able to see

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    I have much in common with Clementine and a little bit with Luke.
  • Who called the walkers meat puppets?
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    And meat puppets?

  • Appearance wise, I would say a mixture of Duck and Nick.
  • Lol and a bit of Stranger too.
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    A rapist cannibal..... 0_0 .

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    I'd be a mix Kenny, Omid, Luke, Nick, and Wyatt.

    Kenny and I are both rash and aggressive, especially when our loved ones are involved.

    Omid because we both love history and black women ;)

    Luke and I both have the body form and the gentlemanliness toward people. (Except for assholes)

    Nick and I both have similar, family situations (Momma's boy, half-asshole father figures, and aggressiveness) and we both have black hair and blue eyes.

    Wyatt and I are both nerds and big, but I don't smoke.
  • Doug (hate to admit it though)
    Thats why i didnt save him, i dont need another nerd in my group!
  • You're a dog? wtf?
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  • You look like Luke?.......that's interesting.

    I'd be a mix Kenny, Omid, Luke, Nick, and Wyatt. Kenny and I are both rash and aggressive, especially when our loved ones are

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    Well I look somewhat like Doug (except for the glasses and the hat) and I'm a techie and a bit dorky like he was.

    But I'm not "cute, in a parents basement sorta way" as Carley said. (honestly, wtf does that even mean?)
  • I'd probably be a mix of Bonnie and Christa. In regards to physical similarities... think I have similar facial features to Lily.
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    Mostly I'd be like Kenny.
    Not only am I a tall; slender white guy with a biker mustache, but I'm also tenacious, fowl-mouthed, and short-tempered.
    Except I wouldn't kill a guy like he did, and I'm referring to the Carver situation.
    Actually I wouldn't kill anyone, except in self-defense.
  • Omid. Not only am I (unfortunately) quite small but I love history and often use humour to try and diffuse the tension, even if said humour is sometimes inappropriate.
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    Lee/Kenny/Ben(yeah I can be a klutz)/Luke/and a little bit of Nate
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    I'm a lot like Lee and Mike. I'm like Mike because I enjoy my sleep but hate when people disrupt it, I would have questioned why a little girl is doing all of the hard work, and I would volunteer to help do things for the group. I'm like my Lee, because I am an optimist, so I'll try to cheer you up in any way I can (all of the times when Clementine asked about hope, safety or her family, I tried to give her reassuring answers, gotta keep your head up, even when the road is hard, never give up), I become protective of people that I watch (similar to Lee and Clementine), and I would do just about anything to protect a child.
    EDIT: Also, a little bit of Carley. I tend to speak out when I think something is fucked up.
  • Luke + Nick + Carver = me
  • Different colored hair and eyes and a bit fatter, but the same sort of body type.
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    You look like Luke?.......that's interesting.

  • A Caucasian Alvin would probably be the closest.
  • A mix between Chuck and Doug in terms of personality. I don't physically resemble any TWD characters.
  • According to a quiz, I'm most like Carley.
  • Juice Box
  • The female version of Doug, probably. I'm a huge tech nerd.
  • Personality wise, I'd be closest to a combo of Walter and Nick, which is kinda funny because of how Walter can kill Nick. Looks wise, i'm gonna have to also go with Nick. Similar hair, slightly different body structure.
  • A mix of Gleen and Omid. i think.
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    It was easier for me to rate my top 5 resemblances.
    1) Clementine. I'll do what I have to survive, but I want to look on the good side of people before the bad.
    2) Lee/Kenny. I will protect the people I care about until the end.
    3) Doug. I think rationally, and want to hear what everyone wants to say. Plus, I'm handy with tech stuff and know Morse Code.
    4) Carley. I put others before myself.
    5) Duck (Kenny Jr.). I'm a Batman Fan ;-)
  • That's a weird combo
    I like it

    Luke + Nick + Carver = me

  • Well, I am a weird person for sure :D
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    That's a weird combo I like it


    I'd be a mix Kenny, Omid, Luke, Nick, and Wyatt. Kenny and I are both rash and aggressive, especially when our loved ones are

  • Clementine but with less asian features, I have ocean blue eyes and light brown hair( like my avatar), I am quite taller than Carley.
  • Kenny.
    - I have a short temper like him.
    - I usually make more enemies than friends.
    - I am close minded at times.
    - I wear a cap.
    - I cuss a lot.
  • I'm a mix of Danny St John, Danny from 400 days and the Stranger.
  • Toki vauva ;)

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