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Demo not whetting your appetite? Well "did you try?"...

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Hi all... I had a chance to poke around the Wallace and Gromit demo today, and I found a few hidden bits of dialog you may want to try and find yourself... (There is also a little gem at the bottom of this post for my existing "DYT" lovers ;))

As I said earlier I don't have the time to play these games religiously anymore... But I did play it twice, and found these.

Did you try... (Click the boxes to reveal the text)

(During the tutorial)
[Spoiler] ... giving the Queen statue from the fireplace and the cheese from the table to Gromit? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ... using an item on the porridge gun? [/spoiler]

(During the garden scene)
[Spoiler] ... repeatedly looking at all 4 plants in Felicity's garden? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ... giving the seeds back to Felicity?)[/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ... throwing the seeds in the trash? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...messing with the watering can before and repeatedly after planting the seeds? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...looking repeatedly at the ground before and after planting the seeds? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...Using the snail on the dirt patch? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...finding the coal chute on the side of the house and repeatedly clicking it? [/spoiler]

(On the street)
[Spoiler] ...hearing both conversations as Wallace picks up the snail? (for the first, click the jar as soon as Crumb places it on the bench... for the alternate conversation, talk to Crumb a few more times before clicking the jar.) [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...showing the snail to crumb? [/spoiler]

(During the finale)
[Spoiler] ...deactivating the autopilot in the truck? [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...hitting the switch on top of the truck and playing with the gun? (3 times?) [/spoiler]

[Spoiler] ...showing Wallace the feather? [/spoiler]

... As for my gift?

The five golden "did you try?..." rules

Being that many of you love these lists that I (and the awesome folks at telltale) make... here are my five golden rules for finding everything in a point and click adventure (perhaps you can find things that even I missed)

#1) Click everything repeatedly until the lines repeat and use everything on everything else... (believe me, it's not as tedious as it sounds)

#2) Repeat certain actions if possible, and try to undo anything if you can.

#3) Repeat numbers one and two all over again at certain points in the game and after completing related tasks. (the dialog often changes)

#4) Try to do things in different orders... often times doing tasks in a different manner will trigger alternate dialog

#5) Take your time and take notes... These rules take a while to complete, so never try to find all the hidden dialog in a single sitting, always break it up (doing it one act at a time is how I do it), and take simple notes on what you found/where you left off... this way you can repeat them all at a later time in one fell swoop (and have something to share with everyone else).

(P.S. I will still try to post my lists, although sadly I cannot promise them anymore... But these rules should provide you with plenty of your own play it again moments)

As a final note, in Wallace and Gromit you can highlight all the clickable items on screen by holding the Tab key... Good luck!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Rather Dashing;118362 said:
    I tried all but maybe two or three of these, just because I was apparently trying to solve puzzles that I didn't have when all I had to do was follow very explicit instructions.
    Those puzzle stubs you encountered blossom into beautiful trees in the full game.

    Thanks for the list, DZ!
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    DanH Telltale Staff
    Jake;118385 said:
    Those puzzle stubs you encountered blossom into beautiful trees in the full game.
    Like some cool alien sentient plant-thing?
  • Um, I just kind of examine things and solve puzzles really. I never attempt to do everything, unless by accident. Or playing through a second time, some time later... much later.
  • leon101;118654 said:
    I hope adventure games never die out.
    Well, for the most part, they DID die out, but Telltale has almost single-handedly brought them back! This is one reason I buy multiple copies of everything they put out. The other reason is that their games RULE!
  • I got no voice to hear Wallace's line about the flowers being supposed to do their work. The subtitle worked, but no voice. Everything else kept working fine, I tried doing some different tasks and coming back to the ground, but it still would have no voice for this line. I don't know if this is related to what else I had done yet.
    Same thing for me, pal. Did you download the subtitles in french like me ?
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