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Sam & Max: Episode 2 anticipation thread

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So most of us already beat episode 1 and are pretty satistified with what they have paid for. Our heroic duo stopped the wash-out former celebrity from hypotizing the world to worship him in episode 1. I am hoping that in episode 2 is where there's a main plot to this "season" of Sam & Max, something big and has a continuity all the way to episode 6.

At the same time, each episode has a sub-plot for us to solve and fill as if we have complete the segment of the game, for the time being.

Also, maybe more reference to some of the previous characters from Sam & Max: Hit The Road (like the poster of Harry Moleman at Brady's hide-out) would be good also, give the veterans that the Sam & Max world is all connected.

What do you guys think?
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  • Pvt._Public;12184 said:
    I'd like to know what happened to the old car. I loved that thing. And considering it has been shot at with rockets, driven through walls, driven under the sea, had its exhaust filled with matches so it could be flown to the moon and been used to run over all manner of other vehicles, I can only begin to imagine how it was eventually beaten. And it CONSUMES me.
    Hey, he said he was sorry.
  • tabacco;12195 said:
    Hey, he said he was sorry.
    i could only imagine that in the end, it was something like max ate it. makes sense to me, only thing that could take it down.
  • If they make it anything close to EPISODE 1, I'm happy.

    First I was so keen they get it as close to HTR as possible. Now I don;t care about that anymore, and want it to be like CULTURE SHOCK already.

    Sigh. I guess I'm just more secure with the familiar. Though the voices in HTR were untrumpable. Now I like Culture Shock's new voices even more.

    Forgive me, for I have doubted.

    I have yet to see what EPISODE 2: CHEESE & BOVRIL SANDWICH has in store.
  • Lazerus101;12111 said:
    No need to be nostalgic?
    *beats you senseless with his large collection of 80's cartoon DVDs*

    I love nostalgia. I think its really great to have in jokes that you will only get if you know what its referencing. Which is probably why I love Family Guy and the Discworld novels.
    The Discworld isn't nostalgic! What are you talking about?
  • I just hope that its as good as the 1st one!
  • contrary to what you guys see, alot of people i find have played the original sam nmax or at least have seen the tv show that used to air on fox. i think the fanbase is bigger than u think, but since this game is exclusive to internet users who can get the game validated, everyone else is left out in the dust.

    there are still alot of people who don't even have internet and/or old computers.
    maybe one day i can fill that position for art director here and make tell tale enough capital to actually release a full length adventure game. and then maybe grim fandango 2 will be a reality.

    or sam n max 3: the battle of Bumpus Conroy Hairpiece's aborted baby.. dun dun dun......
    follow the dynamic duo as they peruse the snuckeys for more ripoffs of modern games like GTA, or counterstrike, and then go visit the places such as the white house, a giant cathodor, and a menagerie of other useless things.
  • the next episode is in december, right?
  • Maratanos;12400 said:
    The Discworld isn't nostalgic! What are you talking about?
    I believe he was talking about the many references in the Discworld novels.
  • baardhimself;12614 said:
    the next episode is in december, right?
    No, January. :mad:
  • baardhimself;12614 said:
    the next episode is in december, right?
    Beginning of December/End of November I believe!
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