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hidden Max Sam dialog 203

posted by SuperBosco on - last edited - Viewed by 211 users
Hey kids, remember in episode 203 when Sam and Max are trapped in the monster's body. Well, your pal SuperBosco has discovered something you should try.
When your inside the monster's body use debug mode to go to the zombie factory (you'll be Sam there), use the elevator to re-enter Jurgen's lair (you'll be the monster) Near the staircase you'll find Sam and Max click on Max to trigger the hidden dialog box
enjoy !
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  • Great find using the debug mode (all I find are ways to "glitch heaven"). Thanks for sharing!
  • I think I remember reading about that before on this forum ,so I don't think you're the first to find it. Good find, though. I found the dialogue I think you're talking about with the speech extractor, and I thought maybe if you had hints on and hung around in the monster's body for too long without staking Jurgen, you might get it as a hint. But I can't find it now and I don't remember what they say, so it might not be a hint.
  • But I can't find it now
    You can't find your hints?
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