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Okay. Well I'm going to start the dialogue for the game. You have to post the next sentence. I'm not sure if this will work but I hope it does.

EX: How Old are you? (One person posts)

Eight (posts the next person)

You can post only a sentence, and no cheating by going on youtube! If it is a dialogue choice for Lee you get to choose what he says.

I will start below.


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    "Well. I reckon you didn't do it then."
  • "Does it really matter?"
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    I don't know who posted first... I'll go with Carver. Instead of replying, make your own comment. Somebody continue after "Does it really matter?"

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • "I was fucking this man once, he, he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it. He was an older fella, big soft eyes behind a pair of folk glasses."
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    Continuing off of Does it really matter.

    "Nope........ I followed your case a little bit. You being a Macon boy and all."
  • "You're from Macon, then?"
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    Lol this kind of failed... Can you guys take it more seriously(talking about Carverhater.)?
  • I am. I said "You're from Macon, then?" Which is a dialoque option from the game.
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    Okay reply to this comment.

    "Yep. Came to be a cop in the 70's. Always wanted to work a murder case. Just like that senatorial mess you've got yourself into."
  • LMFAOOOOO I don't think he said he was "fucking this man once" :DDDDD
  • You said fucking this man once... That skipped a couple lines ahead, and fucking is not in his line. He said driving not fucking.
  • "I got a newphew up at UGA, you teach there long?"
  • "You meet your wife in Athens?"
  • "Where were you when all this started"?
  • "You wanna know how I see it?"
  • ...

    You want to know how I see it?
  • ... Your messing it up man. Please stop and take this seriously please.
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  • "Regardless... Could be you just married the wrong woman..."
  • Look at what me and Carver hater are doing. Were starting from the beginning. Jump in whenever you feel like it.
  • "Or she married the wrong guy."
  • "Do I have a choice?"
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    Well actually he just says grrr. But that's fine. Carver please reply to next comment instead of making a new one.

    "Could be she did.... There was this man once... He was the worst one."
  • "I'm driving this man once, h-he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it. He was an older fella. Big, soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses, and he's just wailing back there, says it wasn't him. Crying and snotting all over, right where you're sitting. Then before long he starts kicking the back of the seat, li-like a fussy baby on an airplane. And I tell him he's gotta stop that, that's goverment property, and I'll be forced to zap him otherwise. So he stops, and having exhaused all his options, he starts crying out for his mama... 'mama, it's all a big mistake, it wasn't me!' "
  • "Hey," Fernando said as he grabbed my shoulder. "Do you know how to play guitar?" he asked.
    "Heh, nope." I replied. Fernando slowly stopped walking and turned to Derrick.
    "How bout' you, Derrick?" he asked. Derrick didn't answer.
    "Hey, man are you ok?" I asked. Derrick slowly rose his head.
    "Oh, sorry.... you guys were talking to me?" Derrick said. Fernando quickly chuckled.
    "Well, apparently nobody knows. Por favor! There has to be someone who knows!" Fernando said.

    Derrick really gives me the creeps sometimes. He is kinda of his own little fantasy land he doesn't know his surroundings. We passed by Athens. Of course the city was filled with Biters, but anyways. There was a small group trying to survive. They gave us some food and of course, my little brother's guitar. Probably it would of been better if we left Derrick there.

    "Look, Derrick." I said patting his back. "We're going to get out of this forest and rest for a while, you can gather your thoughts, and Fernando can learn how to use that guitar. Alright?"
    " I wish that it could be that way, Oscar." Derrick said.

    I didn't say anything. I was tired of his shit. Always being melancholy. I think it's what happened in his camp that we found him. Each day he gets more depressed.

    We walked a bit more. It was a sunny day and I looked down. My jeans and boots were covered in dirt. I don't really mind, since it's always been like that since I was a kid.

    "Do you guys hear that?" Derrick spoke up. I stopped Fernando from walking. We stood there for a few seconds.
    "Is that water dripping?" Fernando said, his face lighting up. "Hell man, I'm fucking thirsty."
    "The sound's coming from the left. Fernando give me your gun." I said.
    "Nah, man I got this." Fernando said. He gave the guitar to Derrick. "Take care of it ok?"
    Fernando quickly ran trough the bushes.
    "God dammit Fernando." I said in a harsh tone."Come on, Derrick keep up."
    We followed the footsteps that Fernando left in the ground.
    "Fernando! Where are you?!" I shouted.
    "I think he's right here." A rash voiced said. "Turn around or all shot ya'll".

    I slowly turned around, I saw Derrick, and he became so pale. I saw Fernando struggling to move, the asshole was behind him with his arm around his head.
    "Look we have food in these backpacks, deal?" I tried to persuade him.
    "Err, is this one yer lil' brother?" The old fuck said. "I know that other guy ain't Mexican."
    The guy threw my brother on the ground.
    "Teach yer brother to not sneak up on someone when their the middle of pissin'"
    My brother quickly stood up and pointed the gun at him.
    "You'll regret what you fucking did, asshole!" My brother shouted at him.
    "You don't have the damn balls, son. Look it's the freakin' apocalypse and I have my rights to be alarmed." The man said. "Name's Mike.... Mike Anderson." He said.
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