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So tomorrow I have an oral presentation about TWD in 2 or 3 minutes.So i'm going to talk about the game morality and the quotes that characters made us think about it.
I can say that this game means so much for me and certainly changed us(most of us).
You fell very in-game when you play it.

So my question is.What should I present them about the game?I don't know because the game have so many things to talk about.


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  • Tomorrow and you still don't have an outline? Dang, son. That procrastination is almost as impressive as my own. :)

    But on a serious note, you need to give more context about what the presentation is supposed to be about. Surely there are presentation guidelines - they can't have just said "pick a thing and do a speech about it." Is it a thing that has changed you? A presentation on the Hero's Journey? Dynamic characters? Hate to be THAT guy, but I need more info.
  • Crowbar.
  • Def mention the symbolism of the juice box
  • "pick a thing and do a speech about it." Is it a thing that has changed you?

    Just like that.I can talk whatever I want.
  • I wrote 5 pages 90 minutes before it was due lmfaoooooo
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    Well, here's a few themes:

    Suicide, and not giving up when things get hard. You've got Kenny's little speech that you can use in Episode 5 for quotes. Also Irene, form the beginning.

    Redemption. Lee is a murderer, but finds redemption in taking care of Clementine. Kenny can be seen as a bad person sometimes, but what he'll do to protect his family, or members o the group generally redeems his actions. e.g trying to save Ben/saving Christa, taking the beating for Clem.

    Pragmatism vs. Morality in a world about survival. Lots about this to be used. The "Larry Situation", Carver's ideals, and his speech to Clem, stealing form the car, there's really a LOT that you could do.

    Family. You've got Kenny, what he will do for his family, how protective Larry is of his daughter, and do I even need to mention to relationship between Lee and Clem?

    Yeah, lot's of stuff you could do... I don't think I narrowed it down any, but hopefully I helped in some way at least.
  • Maybe the writing, like how the characters all have different personalities and flaws and how that makes them realistic and likeable. I dunno.
  • C'mon help him for real.
  • " So my question is.What should I present them about the game?I don't know because the game have so many things to talk about. "

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  • Hehehe...."oral".
  • Yes you did.
    I think is best talk about the morality, family and not giving up when things go crazy.
    The quotes are the best and the moments of decisions.
  • Yeah, I know. I love Kenny's speech in E5. "You don't just give up 'cause it's hard, you stick it out, and you protect the folks you care about."
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  • wasn't Kenny the only one to refuse looking for Clementine,
  • Hey that is like putting a sign on your chest, hey guys I'm a nerd. Any chance of changing your subject at the last minute? Talk about guns, everyone likes guns.
  • Nope....ummm... not at all... XD
  • Do know any site that have quotations like that?I can't find the quotes that I remember of.
    You got steam?
  • You have the presentation tomorrow and you're just starting to put it together now?

    I like the way you think.
  • If you nid a quote this is my favorite, "sometimes you gotta play a role, even if it means people you love hate you for it" uncle Pete.
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    Here's a speech to start you off:

    "Hello, today, I would like to talk to you about a video game I've played. It is called The Walking Dead by TellTale Games. In it, we follow the story of a convict named, "Lee" who's on his way to jail when all of a sudden he finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! After escaping from a car wreck and stumbling into a zombie infested neighborhood, he eventually meets a young girl named, "Clementine" hiding in a tree house. After becoming acquainted, he promises to protect her and bring her back to her family. In now what is a fight for survival, the two make friends and enemies in their journey and we as the player have to make real-time decisions that alter the course of the story and how we get along with other characters in the game. Later in the game, __________ said/did __________. What I learned from this is that __________.

    Then you can talk some more about some game quotes and what they mean to you, before concluding with a big moral question for the class or something. It would help if you had like a picture of the game cover or something too. Good luck!
  • What's wrong with being a nerd?
  • It is how i used to be as a kid, it was stupid. I would always wait till the last moment to do my homework/ whatever all the way through college. Somehow i always passed with a 3.0 average. I never studied ever. I should of taken that time of my life and devoted it to constructive things instead of video games but that is in the past i live for the future.
  • Thx man, that's summarized.But my concern is about the quotes.I love them and made us think about life, but I don't remember most of them.Do you know any site that have quotes?
  • i play that role well.
  • Nothing. Nothing's wrong with being a nerd. v.v
  • Hey, as long as you get to where you want to go, it doesn't matter.
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    I would try googling some I guess, or looking at the wikia page. Other than that, you can skip through some playthroughs on Youtube.
  • Well from my own experiences, being a nerd in school means getting picked on.
  • That's why you make friends with other nerds.
  • So in other words, don't be yourself? Nice.

    Getting picked on is no reason to sell out on who you are.
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