People finally starting to wake up and accept that working on 4 games at once is hurting TWDSeason2?



  • Adults still don't interact with 11 year olds as if they are adults. There was a lot of middle ground between having Clem completely sheltered and basically just turning her into an adult the way they did for season two. I think most players liked seeing her as a child, but also liked seeing her learn things and mature in a slower and more realistic way. Instead of continuing that from season one they just suddenly turn Clem into a preteen adult and made adult characters treat her as if there wasn't any difference in them at all.
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    Clem is 11. Lots of kids are sensible by that age.

  • where was wyatt
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    I already feel like I wasted 5 bones on 400 days. When the tweet came out that "if you havent yet you might want to play 400 days,

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    Looking over everything that has happened so far, it seems pretty obvious that this season has definitely been streamlined. After making over 25 million dollars off Season 1, you would think that Telltale would've used some of that money to make their games better. Instead it really feels like these games are regressing in quality.

    The disappearance of hubs, character development, puzzles, and the overall ability to interact with other characters and the environment as a whole are really hurting the quality of this season. Everything just feels so rushed that its almost forced. Clem moves from location to location without ever really building as a character or forming any kind of attachment to members of the group. When characters like Carlos or Alvin died, it honestly felt flat. The deaths in this season just aren't nearly as dramatic as the one's in Season 1. Honestly, it is hard to get attached to these people when we have barely had any time to interact or learn anything about any of these guys.

    I still enjoy Season 2 and find it entertaining, but I'm disappointed with the direction Telltale is headed in. As one reviewer put it, "In comparison to Season 1, Season 2 feels like a B movie knock-off riding off its predecessors success". As a whole, the series is feeling more and more like a movie and less and less like an actual game.
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