Why was Bonnie the only normal 400 days character?

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All the others seemed brainwashed and totally different. Why is it that Bonnie is still the same?


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    Because "loldeterminant"
    Same reason as why Nick & Alvin barely had any lines ep 3.
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    There is already a thread exactly like this one by TDMshadowCP
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    Well, I don't think brainwashed as far as "I better follow the rules or I'm fucked " kind of mindset.

    We just got to know Bonnie, who we know was planning to go with the cabin group. Plus, Bonnie cares a lot for Clem. You think someone like Russel or Wyatt would take up the responsibility of looking after Clem?
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    actually it is by TDMshadowCP (comment no longer valid)
  • At least Wyatt was a little in character in the one line he had.
  • Yes! All the others just seemed out of place, or not in character. Especially Russel.
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    Yeah, Russell is definitely the weirdest of the bunch. I didn't think he'd be the type who'd stick around a place like Camp Carver. I would've thought he'd leave with Bonnie in a heartbeat.
  • I guess shit can happen to a kid in 2 years...
  • >Why was Bonnie the only normal 400 days character?

    Who's to say she wasn't before? She genuinely expressed that she was surprised to receive "a kindness she never thought from a group of strangers". She might've been as you put, 'brainwashed' before she came to the lodge, but her meeting with Walter is what changed her for the better.
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