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Videlectrix WiiWare Games?

posted by BenjaminHayden on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
O.K., if Videlectrix & Telltale Games ever decide to take the Videlectrix games from the SBCG4AP series and make them into stand-alone games you can download onto your Wii for 500 Wii Points ($5.00), what game would you like them to make into a real full-screen game (without Strong Bad's Head on the side of the screen)? And yes, it would be cool if you could buy & download the games onto your PC too.
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  • Um I don't think Videlectrix appreciates your lies( about who made Trogdor's 3-Dungeon) they obviously think that 3-D graphics are bad Telltale made the game and probably snuck it into the main frame of Videlectrix games no offense Telltale or they probably forced Videlectrix to let them put it in there and if they didn't a certain group of game designers that use computers to make video games wouldn't get to talk in the finale or however you spell it (stilll no offense Telltale)
  • I'd like to see Stinkoman 20X6 and Peasant's Quest be re-made into WiiWare games. But I'll only buy them if Videlectrix or Telltale (whoever will make the games) will make some adjustments to them. Specifically, I'd like to see:

    Peasant's Quest some better graphics (similar to Dangeresque: Roomisode 1) and some extra things the original game didn't have.

    Stinkoman 20X6 with the difficulty turned down (that game is impossible), or at least some difficulty settings for you to change the difficulty later, and some extra stuff that weren't present in the original.

    Although, I'd bet trying to put Stinkoman on the market as an actual game will prove to be a challenge (pun intended) due to it being VERY similar to Megaman...
  • well when i lost at pesent's quest i thot pesent's quest sucks but when 8 bit is enuf came out i thot wow pesnt's quest rocks
  • Yes! Of course it is worth it to pay 500 points for a new game with nes graphics from a company that doesn't freaking EXIST!!!!
  • dimomarg;108876 said:
    Yes! Of course it is worth it to pay 500 points for a new game with nes graphics from a company that doesn't freaking EXIST!!!!
    Double the points and remove the company non-existence part and that sentence becomes more than a bit contradictory with consumer choice.
  • What about a pack with all them and new ones? Or using WiiCade API, you can use wiimote buttons and more.
  • Hiroshi Mishima;106884 said:
    I say this because the TRUE 8-bit Megaman games were nowhere near as hard as Stinkoman is for me, nor as cheap and stupid as Megaman 9 turned out to be.
    True, very true. I know it was supposed to be hard, but I could only barely make it past Stage One of Dr. Wily's castle. I mean dear god, look at those damn Lasers! Who the heck would think of shooting concrete at them?!
    Back on topic, Stinko Man would be an excellent idea!
  • id pay 1000 or 500 points for the whole deal. all of these games for 10 or 5 bucks. but just one? only if it was a revanped stinkoman or trogdor.
  • Yeah, or Peasant's Quest too(Or even better: Peasant's Quest... Too!)
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