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International Customers unable to buy Season 1 using credit card

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I'm trying to buy the complete season through the telltale e-commerce site. But even putting my billing information verbatim from my card statement (and checking my credit isn't gone), it won't process my order. I'm from Venezuela, and when I submit the order I receive this rather short message:

"We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again."

I verified the information 3 times, and the password follows your guidelines (A-Z0-9 characters, 6 min.). I'd like some assistance to complete my order. Please contact me at my email address or private message.

Thank you very much,

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  • I wanted to separate this issue from the Paypal thread.

    So far Emily has told me that several international customers have been unable to purchase the Season 1 of Sam & Max using a credit card. Even though we enter all the billing information correctly, we get the vague error message "We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again."

    This is apparently a problem with the e-commerce backend that Digital River manages, and Telltale can't tell us what's wrong. They also cannot tell us what the e-commerce system actually does to verify the information we enter.
    In my country the credit cards are managed by the banks, we don't have credit card companies at all, so if they're trying to verify my billing address and phone number on my credit card record they're not going to find anything because my bank owns the credit card.
    (I just find it curious that I can buy stuff from every other online vendor in the world, just not Digital River.)

    Emily's best guess is that the address and/or phone number formats are somehow wrong.

    The problem has been sent to Digital River, but just in case their support team isn't as great as Telltale's, is there anyone we can email and poke over there to get this thing solved quicker?
  • Hi,
    I started a new thread with a more telling title, since your problem has been buried in the paypal thread for a few days.

    There's a link to it here :)
  • TextureGlitch;11761 said:
    The problem has been sent to Digital River, but just in case their support team isn't as great as Telltale's
    It isn't. I got a similar error, though not the exact same one (I get 'Payment Authorization Failed'). I was contacted by the DR support team, and they suggested that I find my order through and take it from there. Of course this forwarded me to the same checkout page, not resolving my problem at all. When I told DR this, they just suggested that I try it with a different credit card. Great, I don't have another credit card, guys! All I can now do is wait for the PayPal option to become available, but needless to say, I'm not very happy about Digital River, especially seeing how I can order from other sites just fine.
  • Thank you for posting about your experiences with DR on this issue.

    We are still working very hard to try to get this fixed.
  • It's only about 5 international (would-be) customers having this problem, so if you can get the paypal thing working on the Season purchase, at least we'll have a chance to buy the thing using our credit cards without having to fight our way upstream in the Digital River.

    Judging by the way the DR support team handles customer inquiries I think we might have more luck with paypal.
  • I sent Digital River my reference number on one of the failed transactions. I got a standard template email back from DR support saying that the order was incomplete and had now been reactivated.
    It told me to go to, enter the reference number and password and then I could complete the transaction. The reference number was repeated in that email, so I'm sure it was the right one.

    I went there and the system said that it couldn't find my order. I figured the password thing got mixed up, or maybe the password I entered in the form was a Telltale password and not something that was sent to DR or something. So I tried the 'I forgot my password' link figuring it would at least have recorded my email address. I entered the reference number and the system said that my order does not exist.

    Soooo apparently the DR support team has reactivated an order that doesn't exist without thinking twice about it.
    I think I'll just let Telltale talk to these people.
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    *raises hand*

    I'm having this problem too. Tried multiple times on my credit card and once on my debit card, and got this same message every time.

    *sigh* I soo want to play this game. It's a good thing I have a day job, or else I'd be forced to sit in front of my computer in tears all day :)
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