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Bought SM1 on Amazon... mistake? SECUROM, ugh.

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Short version:

Can I possibly acquire the downloadable version of S&M Season 1 after buying it (new, not used) somewhere else? (Yes, I checked the FAQ, please see my P.S. at the end. =)

Long version:

This is not an "I hate SecuROM" rant, even though I REALLY do hate it. (If I wanted to swap discs and scratch them up all day long, I'd buy a game console. I'm a PC gamer, and I prefer to do full installs for convenience and to protect my original media.)

This is one reason that I love digital distribution, such as Telltale, Steam, etc. As you can see from my records, I have been a good little Telltale customer, too! I've bought SBCG4AP, W&G, and Sam & Max Season 2 all through your digital delivery service. I'm quite pleased with all of those.

(Incidentally, I had already played every episode of Sam & Max, both seasons, on Gametap... and liked them enough to buy them anyway!)

So here's my dilemma: Like a fool, I purchased Season 1 on Amazon, before I had actually discovered the wonder that is the Telltale store. When I finally got around to installing it, I was horrified to discover that it comes bundled with SecuROM, and that I cannot play any of the episodes without resorting to physically handling the disc. (I haven't tried to make a backup copy yet, but I'm sure it won't let me.... since that's kind of the POINT of DRM, right?)

Is there ANY way that I can "register" my copy of Season 1 and then DOWNLOAD the episodes? I am so abysmally sorry that I didn't just buy it from Telltale. If I had known I'd be dealing with this SecuROM garbage, I certainly would have... but I really can't justify buying this game twice just for the convenience of running it without the disc in the drive.

P.S. I did check the FAQ, and I found a slightly similar topic, but it wasn't exactly the same question. I'm not looking for the free DVD, but the downloads. I hope you can help, because I'm a VERY satisfied customer and a big-time fan, but this is the only dark cloud. Grrr. :)

Thanks in advance for your time, regardless of whether or not you can help.
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