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Kevin interviewed on The HotSpot

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HotSpot podcast

Our CTO and co-founder Kevin Bruner sat in on the most recent GameSpot podcast, which was posted this morning. There's a nice long interview with him that touches on Wallace & Gromit, episodic production, the Telltale philosophy, the potential for iPhone or PS3 development... basically all the stuff we in the office get to talk to Kevin about whenever we feel like it, that you've never heard him say before. :D If you've ever been curious about why Telltale does things the way we do, you'll probably find it enlightening!

Kevin's interview starts near the beginning, after the Wolverine talk, and then he sticks around to weigh in on other topics. Good stuff.
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  • Interesting stuff. I had a pretty good idea of your plans already, but you're coming along surprisingly quickly. Simultaneous launches this year? "A bunch of" original IP ideas "ready to go"? Looks like you're a year ahead of where I thought you were.
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