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UPDATE on pre-order activation issues! (woohoo!)

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 4.6K users
Update update: Reports indicate that everything should be working correctly now! Your games should be behaving as normal... or at least behaving as you'd expect a Sam & Max game to behave.

Of course if you still run into trouble, you can follow the support instructions lower in this post.


Original, now-outdated post:

Hey guys,

A lot of people who pre-ordered have been getting a "purchase is not complete" error when trying to activate their pre-order. We know this sucks! The good news is that we've been working with our e-commerce and software activation provider and successfully found the problem. Over the next hour peoples orders should start unlocking properly. Yay! We're really sorry about this, but the troubles should be over very very soon.

In the mean time, if you pre-ordered and can't wait for us to finish fixing things behind the scenes, we can manually unlock your purchase. To do that, you can click the "Activation Support" button on the bottom corner of the game's launcher screen, and follow the instructions there to email us your hardware fingerprint and order number. Note that we have a pretty deep backlog of manual unlock emails which we have four people replying to as fast as we can, so while we'll get to you as soon as possible, the reply won't be immediate.

Anyway, sorry again for the problems, but we should be through the worst of it. Thanks for sticking by.

- Jake
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  • Emily;11648 said:
    I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who was so patient with us today while we got this activation problem sorted out. :)
    It's always a pleasure with the fast and caring support you people give! Lots of companies out there that wouldn't care anywhere near as much!

    On that note, will the orders be added to the "Past Purchases" like described in the original order mail? I got a manual activation key, so I'm good for now (and it can certainly wait till the backlog of activations have been cleared!), but it would be nice to get some sort of visual confirmation (well..besides the game) that you actually bought it! :D

  • I'm annoyed the Past Purchases screen doesn't show me the option to download the game again... I was hoping to be able to play at work as the damn game crashed when I left Bosco's.

    Can we please have our Past Purchases info updated correctly?
  • Woohoo! Just received my response with activation key, can't wait to get home.

    Thanks Emily in support!
  • I don't think we're going to be able to add download links to the past purchases section, unfortunately. :(

    Instead, you can download the game from us and enter your order number and password to activate (click "I've already purchased this").
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Emily;11854 said:
    I don't think we're going to be able to add download links to the past purchases section, unfortunately. :(
    At least not in the immediate future. Its very high up on the "we want this to work" wish list, though.
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    Guys, although the activation works fine, the game tells me that it can't find a valid activation key every time after a reboot. I have to go back to the "I already purchased this game!" page and fill in my order number and password. If I don't reboot between sessions, it works fine.

    Note that I'm playing this in Windows Vista RC1, so that might be an issue. I posted about this in the bug thread, too.
  • I'm trying it in Vista (RC2, though) right now, Bas. stand by...
  • Doug found out earlier, and we've heard from a few more people, that this is a Vista bug. It happens even with a manual key. :(

    Bas, do you have an XP machine you can use instead?
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    Absolutely, specifically for this sort of thing. I was going to try it on there anyway, so...

    Shame, though. Otherwise, the game runs like a dream. It might be a good idea to find a fix before the next episode, what with Vista being released in January.

    Anyway, thanks for the info.
  • Let's just say we're very glad that the problem has been reported! :D

    Let us know if you need any help activating the game on your XP machine.
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