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So, I got a Wii for my birthday, and I need title recommendations, but...

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...they have to be family titles. I know, I know, I wanted to get Strongbad and Sam & Max for the Wii, but it's become very clear from our conversations in the past with my family that the Wii I got on my birthday is actually "the FamWii."

Case and point: Nintendo's marketing actually worked on my mom who played the bowling part of the included Wii Sports to great enjoyment.

So now I'm looking into titles that will, ultimately, bring around a family game night of sorts. Anyone here have any recommendations?

Oh, and FYI, SBCG4AP and the Sam & Max titles are not up my family's taste in humor, so something like Mario Party would be a nice benchmark to go by.
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  • While not multiplayer, my mother and sisters loved Endless Ocean. And it's actually not a bad game at all, either. For a diving sim, it has plenty of objectives and collectibles. I'd highly recommend it, actually. Plus, it's one of the few games on the Wii that actually supports custom soundtracks, if only in a somewhat limited capacity.
  • Ray-The-Sun;121414 said:
    All games that aren't multiplayer have strikethrough.
    Actually, wii fit has a two player jogging mode and Galaxy has a co operative mode.
  • mariofan1000;122250 said:
    and Galaxy has a co operative mode.
    I've tried it and it is a JOKE. Trust me. It only makes the most difficult levels harder.
  • Ray-The-Sun;122255 said:
    I've tried it and it is a JOKE. Trust me. It only makes the most difficult levels harder.
    mainly when the player 2 keeps either
    A. waisting your star bits
    or B. keep hitting you with a so you jump all the time.
    If they dont do that, it does help out a lot.
  • If it is true,i will try......
    whatever,enjoy ourselves.....
  • Got Mario Kart, and holy crap is that thing addictive! The fact that I have so many things to unlock is also a pain in the butt, but I'm enjoying it.

    Mom kind of enjoys it, but apparently the tracks are too colorful and distracting to the point where she doesn't know where she's going. :rolleyes:

    I'm looking to get the remake of Punch-Out!! next week. Do you guys think it looks like a good game for the "FamWii?"
  • Warioware, hands down.
  • Boom Blox is awesome for casual gamers, and Smash Brawl IMO is the best game money can buy on WII at the moment. By far.

    Mario Kart Wii is also decent, altough not the best Mario KArt they made...MarIo Party is also a winner!
  • Yes, Boom Blox is very fun, especially if you play it with someone else. There's also a lot of WiiWare games that can fit into that category, such as World of Goo (4-player co-op!) and Dr. Mario Online RX (Very fun game, especially the Virus Buster game).
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    Gary Telltale Alumni
    I will also say Boom Blox. It's a pretty damned fun game and it's simple and easy to pick up.
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