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W&G - Multiple saves

posted by Pirateguybrush on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
See title. Are they possible without shuffling files around manually? I always like to keep a couple so I can quickly go back and try other dialogue options and such, and I can't see how to do that in W&G.
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  • johngall;125273 said:
    there is no "save option.
    Yes there is. - It it just not called "save" but "bookmarks":
    While playing press ESC, then click "Your Game -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark X -> Save -> Cancel -> Resume." (X = 1 .. 4)
  • Yellowtail;124646 said:
    I think this would be great, but maybe when we get to the start of an act we unlock that act to be skipped to at any time in a 'scene select' thingy.
    I like this idea a lot. It gets sort of complicated with all of the game states we have to manage (compared to say, Half-Life 2), but it would be pretty neat.
  • [TTG said:
    Yare;125291']It gets sort of complicated with all of the game states we have to manage
    That's why I suggested to just use "auto save bookmarks" instead (a different one for each act), which can be different for each player then.
  • OK,if I go to Esc,I cant select Your game. if I cant save games then whats the point in having it?
  • johngall;125389 said:
    OK,if I go to Esc,I cant select Your game. if I cant save games then whats the point in having it?
    Could you please be a bit more precise?
    If you press the ESC-key while playing, the option box gets displayed (unless a cut scene is shown), and the second menu item from the top is "Your Game". You first click on that entry, then click on "Bookmarks". Now you should see a new menu with 4 items labeled "Bookmark 1" to "Bookmark 4". Choose one of these entries, press "Save" to save your game, then "Cancel" to exit this menu and finally "Resume Game" (to continue playing) or "Exit Game" to leave the game. - I am not sure what exactly your problem is!?
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    ScottAlexander Telltale Alumni
    Yo johngall,

    Are you in the demo version of the game? If so, we don't allow saving in the demo, and Your Game should be grayed out. If you're in the full product and Your Game is grayed out, it means you're at a point in the game where saving is disabled for whatever reason.

    Hope this helps you out!
  • My search of the forums only yielded this post concerning saved games so I hope this is not unrelated. Unfortunately, my PC died but I have access to the hard drive thru Windows Safe Mode. I want to save my W&G games so when I have to move to another PC, I can continue where I left off. I don't know where to find the saved games directory. Can anyone help?
  • to find your saves (and preferences file) go to My Documents-->Telltale Games-->'episode name here'
  • Of course. I hate Vista. I was looking in AppData instead of Documents. My bad. Thanks for info.
  • Emily;124629 said:
    The original intent was to make the auto save so transparent that people wouldn't have to interrupt their play time to save the game all the time (think of how it works in CSI, where you never have to save your game at all), but we still wanted to include traditional saves for people who preferred that. We're aware that the execution is a little clunky. ;)
    The problem with the autosaves isn't that they happen, but that if you get a bug that freezes the screen in the Zoom view (which happened to me at the end of Episode 3, near the end of rescuing the dogs) the autosave is no good, because when you exit the bad bit goes into the autosave. And the bookmark save system is a bit awkward and I'd only tried it a couple of times near the beginning of the game, so had to start from the first scene and replay all the way through the fairground scene. It was a lot quicker once I knew the puzzle solutions, but still annoying.
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