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Sam and Max: CS - Major Problem

posted by Sanity Massacre on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
Hi, first post here, and I've got a problem I need addressed by Telltale. I just recently purchased Sam and Max: Season 1 online here, went through the whole ordering process, but when I hit "Submit Order," after a full minute of nothing happening I received an error SYS_000002 and a link to contact system support. I did this, and described the problem, but when I hit the back button to try again, I was told my shopping cart was empty. :confused: To be sure, I immediately checked my bank statement online, and sure enough it was already charged the $34.95, but I received no order number, no activation code, nothing. Not even an email confirmation of the order. I have the demo installed, but I cannot click the "I already have this game" link because I have no order number and password to give it. Simply put, I have no way of activating the game I just purchased.
Please, Telltale, help me fix this problem. I've sent an email to customer support, but I'm desperate and want help ASAP. I've purchase the entire Season 1, and you have my money to show for it. I wanted to play Culture Shock tonight, not wait until Monday (or indefinitely). Please, help me.
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