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Common questions about the Sam & Max pre-order

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Here are a few of the most common questions people are asking about preorders:

What is the Season 1 collection?

We are offering the entire season of Sam & Max games for $34.95. For this price you get access to each episode when it comes out on Telltale's site, plus the option to receive a CD version at the end of the season for only the price of shipping. We've been referring to this as a "preorder" because it allows you to order all of the episodes in advance.

Do I need to place my order before November 1 to get the deal?

Nope. The season deal will be good at least until episode 2 comes out (and possibly even longer than that). When episode 2 rolls around, we'll make an announcement about whether the pre-order deal will be extended. (But still... what are you waiting for?! :D)

Can I buy the season set with PayPal?

You should be able to, but it isn't working at the moment. We're trying to get this resolved. If it doesn't get fixed before Wednesday, you'll be able to place your order using PayPal then.

Okay, I bought the season set. Now how do I get my games?

Episode 1, Culture Shock, is the only game that has been released so far. You can download Culture Shock here. Install it, and on the first game screen, click "I've already purchased this" and enter your order number and the password you created when you ordered. If you run into any problems, email us at [email][/email].

You'll be able to get the other episodes through the same process, once they're released. We'll send you an email notification when an episode has been released.

How do I get the CD version of Season 1?

Everyone who buys the Season 1 collection can choose to receive a CD version when the season's over. You'll have the option to sign up for this at the end of the season. You'll pay for shipping at that time.
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  • I just heard Kevin talking on the phone to someone about it. :)
  • Emily;11958 said:
    I just heard Kevin talking on the phone to someone about it. :)
    about what? sleepless nights?! ;)

    ok, ok. i now that was a lame one... ;)
  • Omg ... I ordered episode 1 ... and its fantastic .... :D

    (Hope you give us fools a free upgrade to whole season pack (39$ - 9$) )
  • Any new news about PayPal?
    I've been waiting so long for this game! :(
  • When there's news, we'll let you know.
  • so i guess it's going to be a weekend without sam&max...

    too bad... :( :( :(
  • Hi guys,

    If you can't wait anymore, go ahead and order episode 1 via PayPal. Please do it through our store rather than through the demo, since the PayPal path through the demo is a little messed up right now.

    We are going to do a promotion in the near future that will allow people who bought episode 1 by itself to get the rest of the season for the same price as if you'd bought the full season set. Hopefully PayPal will be up and running by then. Whatever happens, we will make sure that those of you who wanted to buy Season 1 and couldn't due to the PayPal issue can get the rest of the season for the same price you would have paid if you preordered the season set (this includes qualifying for the CD).

    Send me a PM or email through the forum to let me know you bought Culture Shock and were planning to buy the whole season, so I can keep track of who you are and make sure you get the rest of the episodes for the right price.
  • Great news!
    But i got a little problem at paypal: link

    As you can see, i fill in my email+password and then I continue but i asks to fill in my creditcard info. I'm not used to paypal but i don't know whats going on but i don't have a creditcard, just a normal bank account.
    Help would be usefull, thx.
  • This is a paypal issue. Try looking through the help on their site.

    As far as I recall, you have to log in to your paypal account and go to your Profile. From there you can add a credit card or a bank account to your paypal account so that the funds will be drawn from there.
  • Yeah, i added a bank/current-account. But that didn't made a diffrence.
    I've looked evrywhere I think but i'm beginning to think i won't get this game. :(
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