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Celebration Pack expected to ship "April 13"?

posted by Timothy on - last edited - Viewed by 299 users
I was elated to find (and order) the Celebration Pack bundle yesterday, as I'm one of those few lucky fans who've been riding the Sam & Max bandwagon for many years now, but didn't have any of what this bundle had to offer. I ordered it, along with a buttload of other wonderful swag, only to find it marked in my cart as "Expected to ship week of April 13". Now, it's already May 20th, obviously. I was also notified after ordering (or while doing so, I don't remember) that "one or more items in your order are in preorder status."

Thus, of course, all my physical merchandise will be shipped only once it's all ready to go; which is fine, I'm just really excited. :D

What I'm asking here is: what's the story with this? April 13th has passed--and what exactly, in the Celebration Pack, is preordered? :confused:

Thanks for any clarification you have to offer. Let me know if I wasn't clear in my's late where I am, and I understand if I'm not phrasing well. :o
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  • well, did you put the strong bad collectors dvd in your order? if so, then thats whats holding your order up.
  • deadlinejon;125487 said:
    well, did you put the strong bad collectors dvd in your order? if so, then thats whats holding your order up.
    Nope, I didn't. But thanks for trying to help. :) The only thing in the order that showed anything out of the ordinary (shipping notes, I mean) was the Celebration Pack: "Expected to ship week of April 13." I can only assume that's what the "preorder" notice was referring to, as well.

    In case the preorder notice really was referring to something besides the Celebration Pack, I suppose I see no problem giving my order list here:

    * Season Two Case File
    * Flaming Max Hat (Green)
    * All three prints, signed


    * Sam & Max Season One game DVD
    * Sam & Max Season Two game DVD
    * Surfin the Highway Limited Edition Signed Hardcover
    * Sam & Max Animated Series DVD
    * Flaming Max Hat (black)
    * Max & Crossbones T-Shirt (large)
    * Sam & Max Season One Soundtrack
    * Sam & Max Season Two Soundtrack
  • Booyah! Got the shipping notice--weird. Anyway, I suppose you can disregard this, Telltale. :p However, if you still feel like shedding some light on this, I'm sure future purchasers of the Celebration Special would find clarification useful.

    Thanks, you guys, for being such an awesome company. I'm REALLY excited to get my stuff! :D
  • D'oh... it was a mistake on our end, no one turned off the preorder flag when it started shipping. Sorry about that. :o
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