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Q&A With the Team

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 40.8K users
Welcome to the secret forum! As a thank you for pre-ordering, we've created this little backstage area where you can hang out with the development team, keep an eye on the development of Tales of Monkey Island, and hopefully get your hands on things before we go wide with them to the public.

First off, though, let's start a Q&A thread!

Any questions you've got for the development team, ask 'em here!
We'll try to dogpile this thread with high quality facts and higher quality lies conversation!
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  • First off, thanks for being apart of resurrecting a great franchise.

    1. How exciting was it the dev team to be handed the torch for this series and run with it?

    2. Is there a lot of "written down" lore and background history for the various characters, or is it more of a what you can be learned about them from their various game incarnations?
  • Is there gonna be any reference to the pirates of the Caribbean movies stealing Guybrush's act?
  • What characters are going to comeback? Stan, Murray, the Barbary coast singers?
  • I am looking forward to Stan. :D
  • Can I use my coupon for Texas Hold Em? I already bought every other game episode available, and Texas Hold Em is a similar price to episode prices...
  • My english beeing a bit rusty ^^, i would like to know if a french version (subtitles for example) is in your box.
    I hope, because language in MIs contains a lot of jokes which can be missed for non english-speakin people.
    Did you understand me ? :)
  • I've been stuck with an old laptop over the weekend and for a day or two more still, so haven't been able to satisfy my gaming addiction at all but this made up for it well and beyond.

    This isn't just MI related, but:
    How "far away" are you from doing Mac versions? Is it even considered or is it something we might be seeing in the future? (Even if it's not this season of MI)
  • My only question: Will Murray and Stan return?
  • stannum;126424 said:
    I am looking forward to Stan. :D
    Yeah, will Stan be in it?
    Most importantly, will Murray be in it? He's gotta be in it... Is it too much to hope for the same voice actor? Maybe he can literally phone it in.... I dunno.
  • I'm so happy! Jake, you and Telltale are completely effing awesome. Monkey Island is one of my all-time favorite franchises, and I was afraid we'd never see a new chapter. I couldn't have asked for a better team to handle it.

    This is so WIZARD

    I'm just curious as to what kind of voice acting talent you're looking for. I'm exceedingly glad you got Dominic Armato back, but what about the rest of the cast? Considering we've only had two voice-acted MI games (minus the remake), I'm not exactly clamoring for a return of everyone who worked on Curse/Escape, but the overall quality of the voicework in those games were absolutely stupendous. I don't suppose you could reveal some more of the cast?
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