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Can't Preorder - [PayPal temporarily unavailable]

posted by grimsqueaker on - last edited - Viewed by 4.5K users
So I logged in to TellTale this morning and jumped for joy! Sam and Max was available for preorder!

I added it to my cart and proceeded to check-out, where I was met with a sinking feeling in my tummy. :( Where is the paypal option? I've already said before I'm unable to pay using a credit card - but I'm loaded with paypal and I want you to have my money (pleease) and even my first-born child if necessary.

I must be able to preorder! *twitchy* Could someone get back to me on this? Thanks!
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  • Ok so i bit the bullet and im ordering Culture Shock. Emily, what info will we need to send you through PM? Cheers.
  • I would also be interested in purchasing such an upgrade through Paypal, if it wouldn't be too much trouble. :) I've already bought the first episode. Sadly I haven't gotten to play it yet, due to a messed up graphic card, but I'm sure I'll love it, so why not? :D
  • I'm taking you by your word Emily :). Just bought Culture Shock and you should've a new email.

    ...and now, if you'll excuse me, there's an annoying white rabbit waiting for me.
  • Sweet deal. I'm in.
    Bought Culture Shock a few hours ago and sent you a mail. Now relax and take your time making this paypal thingy work.
  • Is this possible with wire transfer? That after I bought the episode alone I can still have the season for the right price?
  • hmm ok, then I think I´ll buy the game via Emily´s way, too. :)

    But because I´ve never used Paypal before I´d like no know how all this stuff works...

    Do I have to transfer the money to my paypal account first and then to you? Or do I have to transfer the money to my paypal account first and then I give you the permission to access my paypal accout and transfer the money to you yourselves? OR can I keep the money on my regular bank account so that you "ask" Paypal for the money and they access my bank account and send it to you?
  • No, paypal lets you do direct transactions. If you're just using paypal to purchase things with there's no reason you'd ever have any money/credit in the paypal account.

    The only time you end up with money in your paypal account is if someone else pays you, or something.

    If you go to the help site on paypal there are good descriptions of how it works :)
    You'll want to get the Basic paypal account.
  • Thx! Sounds easy :D I´ve already created an account and Paypal has confirmed that I´m the owner of my bank account an all these things.

    Do I now just have to put my paypal-E-Mail-adress into the order and then that´s it? :confused:
  • Didn't work for me, i needed to register an creditcard, don't have it so I'm going for wire tranfer.

    Maby it works for you though.
  • Soooo...I was able to buy the first episode via Paypal and informed Emily of everything concerning the whole season and stuff like that. Aslong as I can buy the whole season for the same price when all the Paypal problems are solved it´s ok with me :)
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