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Control Scheme?

posted by RMJ1984 on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users
Yeah the news is outta this world, but before i can preorder, i gotta know, is this bad Wallace & Gromit controls?

Or Good Sam & Max control scheme?

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  • Oh...drat. Well there goes my theory. But it does say Nunchuk AND Wii pointer as well as keyboard AND mouse. Maybe the controls are interchangeable?
  • It would almost have to be. There's no mouse functionality in W&G, is there?
  • I only played the xbox version+ just found out W&G on PC uses both mouse and keyboard. Sam and Max controls wouldnt need the nunchuck or keyboard so I assume gamspot were talking about W&G controls for ToMI
  • Yes, there is.

    So this game will also use that control scheme where you can click items with your mouse but have to move the character using the keyboard.

    Well, this SUCKS! So incredibly much! It feels like my favourite series is being vandalized now, damn.

    This sucks so much that I wish someone else would've licensed Monkey Island and made the games. Seriously. Gah.
  • please let it be point-click
  • Would still like to hear an official word on the control scheme. But if TT's going with W&G's idiotic scheme, well, thanks for nothing.
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    Hakobus;126559 said:
    Would also like to hear a definite answer on mouse/keyboard control. Had to skip W&G because of the retarded control scheme and I'm really hoping I won't be forced to skip ToMI.
    I don't think anyone's forcing you to do anything. You're stubbornness is forcing you to miss out on quality games. I'd recommend picking up the W&G series on XBLA if you can't stand the keyboard controls. But since you can't handle WASD, I'm guessing you don't own a 360.

    Even if you don't like the control method, it's not like the game isn't playable. I don't like quicktime events, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna boycot a game that uses them.

    And when it comes down to the Wallace and Gromit games, you should at least pick up episode 1 or 2. Gamers complain about stuff all the time, but find that by the end of the episode, they've forgotten that they were griping in the first place. People didn't like the new voices for Sam, Max, and Wallace when they first heard them. A lot of people now prefer the new Sam and Max voices.

    Change isn't always bad man. Give it a shot.
  • So there we have it then. Confirmed.

  • I don't mind the W&G PC controls, they are simple enough...

    However, I never managed to complete Grim Fandango or MI4 because I just couldn't get a hang of the controls (character relative, rather than camera relative)... I couldn't find the hotspots!
  • jeez... i tried W&G just a minute ago. The controls are (imho) just bad. Why in hell do I have to move the char with the keyboard if he is walking alone when i click on an object? It just feels stiff and unnecessary.

    well here are my two cents:
    adventure games need a focus on puzzles. this focus is aided by easy controls. easy as possible. so why the need of 4 directional buttons plus mouse if mouse only does the trick friggin well. (as proofed by S&M, SBCG4AP)
    I am hereby politly asking you to implement mouse only control as additional method for the purists.
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