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Q&A With the Team

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 40.8K users
Welcome to the secret forum! As a thank you for pre-ordering, we've created this little backstage area where you can hang out with the development team, keep an eye on the development of Tales of Monkey Island, and hopefully get your hands on things before we go wide with them to the public.

First off, though, let's start a Q&A thread!

Any questions you've got for the development team, ask 'em here!
We'll try to dogpile this thread with high quality facts and higher quality lies conversation!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Eduardo;126721 said:
    Mmm, to leave a question, is there any chance we may see Largo LaGrande? And the Men of Low Moral Fiber?
    We would be crazy to reveal which characters are returning! Don't you want to be surprised? :)
  • Erwin;126278 said:
    The only thing I'm wondering at the moment is how on earth you managed to keep this quiet for so long.
    I concur! Especially an announcement so explosive...I mean Monkey Island's cult following is pretty intense. A high school once even did a full one hour stage version of the game and yet you managed to totally catch us off guard.

    Unrelated, to start the rumour train...

  • Is it July yet???? This is going to be a long 36 days.....
  • hmm how will the locations be handled? like a different island per episode or each episode starting in same location then branching off like samnmax? or a bit of both?
  • Jake;126730 said:
    We would be crazy to reveal which characters are returning! Don't you want to be surprised? :)
    This was the biggest surprise already!

    I am in some kind of MI induced euphoria, so I can't think rationally! :)
  • I just watched the trailer, and oddly the main thing I came away from it wondering Elaine tied up in the "rope bag" from Sam & Max?
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    Jon Telltale Staff
    The technical term is a 'rope sack', and it goes back further than s&m.
  • Having more Monkey Island Games made in the spirit of adventure games of old times, and not just having a monkey island FPS with guybrush shooting at everything that moves, is quite awesome, so i thank you guys, all of you who are involved in the project for making it happen...
    i have one question , i have always wanted some monkey island action figures, any chance it might happen ?

    thanks again.
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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Wow there are a lot of questions here..Before I answer anything, I just want to say Thank You for pre ordering Tales of Monkey Island, and for all of the support.

    As far as how we kept it quiet, I think part of it was the rumor had gone on for so long that nobody believed anything they heard, until it was official.

    Its a great day for Telltale and we are happy to finally be able to announce this.
  • salmonmack;126731 said:
    Unrelated, to start the rumour train...


    THIS! 100x THIS!
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