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Control Scheme?

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Yeah the news is outta this world, but before i can preorder, i gotta know, is this bad Wallace & Gromit controls?

Or Good Sam & Max control scheme?

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  • Well, that tears it.

    It seems Telltale is sticking with the keyboard.

    It's their right, and in a way, I thank them.

    Because it means less money coming out of my pocket.

    Scalded as I was with Wallace & Gromit, I simply could not resist not buying Monkey Island.

    But henceforthwirth, with the possible exception of any other Monkey Island series, nary a penny of mine shall go Telltale ever again.

    Not that they'd mind, though.

  • The biggest problem with the W&G control scheme, for me, is that it destroys immersion and uses some obscure control combinations - shift, mousewheel, etc. - weird!

    It's gone from a PC suitable interface - mouse for S&M - to a console-hacked compromise (probably to suit it to the Wii control stick).

    But here's the real killer for me - it has a tendency to bugger up the animation. If you walk Gromit (or Wallace for that matter) into a wall in W&G, the walk cycle looks painfully computer generated and stilted - he goes from being a character who could genuinely exist in the world he's in, to a computer-driven pawn moving in a stilted fashion against a series of invisible barriers. Also, the jilted transitions that force movement in one of eight directions (as the PC doesn't have analogue control from WASD) only exacerbate the problem.

    I don't see why, when the mouse control worked well in S&M, we seem to be going backwards here - affecting animation and immersion - just to cater for the console tards...
  • Ain't that a little childish? "I dun get mah cuukeh so yo are not mah parents any moah"
    *grumbling* and kickin stones
    Well take your time and think about it. You would miss some good games i guess.
  • It's not childish to let a developer know you're dissatisfied with their design.
    And it's also very understandable - this is Monkey Island we're talking about!
  • Seriously? You're doing the WASD-thing again? Adventure game controls were more or less perfected around 1995 when Full Throttle came out. Why do we get less intuitive controls FOURTEEN years leater?
  • No it is not. That is why I am here too.
    It is childish to say I don't get what I want so I am not buying anything from you ever again. That is just unreasonable.
  • No, it's not. A company starts using a design which kills the fun for someone, then that user is not childish to voice his opinion in the forums stating that he won't buy future games using this design.
  • Is it at all possible to implement both control types? I found that the Secret Files games (at least on the Wii) done a pretty good job of allowing the player to use either just the Wii remote or the Nunchuck and Remote combo.

    Personally I would have though that this sort of arrangement makes everyone happy.

    I understand the desire for first person controls - especially on a console; it arguably makes it more immersive and the control scheme is more conventional to modern gamers. That being said I think that the first person controls end up alienating many of the traditional adventure audience.

    Admittedly I haven't tried out W&G yet - this is predominantly because of the systems they are currently on; I don't have an Xbox and W&G doesn't motivate me enough to use bootcamp. Monkey Island however is a different matter entirely and will happily buy both versions - but my finger did waver on the purchase button due to concern about controls. Monkey Island 4 I really only found playable on the PS2 (this is the only MI game I've only ever completed once - and not because I didn't enjoy it) and and I could never complete Grim Fandango or Broken Sword 3 simply because I couldn't get to grips with the controls. My loss, I realise.

    We finally have a console that is so well tailored to classic point and click adventures, it seems a pity not to harness this. I'm all for first person controls for consoles that only have gamepads (Broken Sword on GBA worked pretty well), but those systems that are pointer based still feel far more intuitive to me. Having just spent the entire evening watching my girlfriend trying to jump onto a platform in Lego Indy (she managed to get to the idol in the first level after three hours then gave up and went to bed) I would honestly say that first person control isn't for everyone.

    But hey, when all is said and done, controls are controls, the important thing is... WE HAVE A BRAND NEW MONKEY ISLAND GAME :D
  • NO that is not what was being said!
    But henceforthwirth, with the possible exception of any other Monkey Island series, nary a penny of mine shall go Telltale ever again.
    I guess i don't have to repeat myself and let us get btt please.
  • People always fall back to the whole "but what about Grim Fandango? That was a great game" thing. Point and click is the way to go. I'd love to see a return to the way MI/MI2 did it. The golden years....
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