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Sam & Max Demo - Crash - Geforce4 users, look here for driver info

posted by blondebeard on - last edited - Viewed by 3.1K users
Sam & Max Demo is crashing my computer after the title screen with the logo of telltale games. I'm using the latest drivers (91.47) of my graphic card.

Graphic card: GeForce4 MX 440
CPU: 1.7 Ghz
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  • ZuluWarrior;12595 said:

    Wouldn't care to share where you got the drivers from???
    Unfortunately (for us) Blondebeard is using a Geforce4 MX 440, which can be upgraded on nvidia's website.

    Our stupid Geforce4 440 GO can't be upgraded though, as Dell never developed new drivers for it.

    Does anybody know if the 440 GO model is used in another laptop other than Dell? Maybe another manufacturer has more recent drivers for it, though I don't know if it would work on a Dell.
  • I seem to have the same problem. Have any of you tried disabling the sound driver? For me that makes the game run. Unfortunately that is no solution... I mean - sam&max silent...
  • I would take a guess that we all have onboard sound with the AC'97 codec. My machine is from Dell and I cant find any updated drivers for the onboard sound.

    I think we either need this bug fixed by telltale or we need a driver update for the sound that fixes the problem. I'm considering buying a sound card so I can deactivate the onboard sound and make my system more stable.
  • AC'97 codec for sound. That is pretty common for portables, right? So I guess a lot of people will experience this problem. So please make a fix for this.
  • I've asked the Telltale support about this problem, and the last answer I got reads as follows. Hope this can help someone.

    Telltale support quote:

    If you have an old laptop video card that is likely the case. One thing
    that may be worth trying though is going and find some thrid party drivers
    such as omegadrivers on the internet and installing those. Often with
    older cards the companies just stop writing new software drivers for them
    and neglect to mention this.

  • IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just get the driver from

    and your old piece of junk 440 GO will transform itself in an outstanding card that even runs Sam&Max.

    Finally, I'm so going to buy this game now.

    Oh, I was about to forget, a HUGE thank you to Terry from Telltale for the tip.
  • Glad you found a solution for this (and thanks everyone for providing such detailed information!). Does the driver Mfavre linked to work for the rest of you?
  • For me and some others it seems to be the sound driver...
  • I tried those graphic card drivers and still the same problem.

    Definitely a problem with the AC'97 on board sound I think.

    Mine is Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio from Dell. It is a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop. Graphics card is 6800 GT.

    Soundmax driver version:
  • Just for the record: mine is a Dell Inspiron 8200. The graphic card driver solved my problem. I assume all the people using an Inspiron 8200 will be able to play with this driver.

    The graphics aren't anywhere near as great as the ones seen on the trailer, but it's probably cause my card only has 64 MB.
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