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Please increase the sound quality for voices

posted by neilka on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users
As has been noted in several threads of yore, the sound quality used for voices in past Telltale releases has been lower than some people would like. The voices sound overcompressed and clipped, which is especially evident when a character says the letter "s".

(To head this off at the pass - I realise that some people either don't notice or don't care about this problem, in which case forget you ever read this thread and don't try listening for it!)

With Dominic Armato back on board, it'd be an extraordinary shame for the voices to fall victim to the same problem again. So I beseech you Telltale, please increase the amount of data allocated to voices this time around so that Guybrush's esses (and other letters) can ring out across the Caribbean with the clarity they deserve.

Thank you!
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  • I heartily concur. I don't know what you're using for compressing speech, but please please please use Ogg Vorbis at at least quality 4 over whatever you've been using - at least for the DVD edition.

    Pretty please? Pretty please with ol' Murray on top?

    np: Tosca - Oysters In May (No Hassle (Disc 1))
  • I heard about AAC+ for voice... but truely... I won't complain, and I'm sure no one would, if you just let download a "deluxe" patch for those who care about sound (and there is many of them, it's far from being the first thread about that). I've already changed the sound files for sam&max to try the french version, and it worked, so I suppose it's possible.
  • I second this request. The sound quality on previous TT games has ranged from OK to appalling depending on the character and their lines. At the very least offer a downloadable patch.
  • I've had no issues in the past, but I'm always in favour of increasing it for those who have had problems, even if it means a bigger download.
  • People request this with every game but they never do...

    Maybe they do increase the audio quality, but they just forget to turn off the air conditioning in the studio :p
  • I've had no issues in the past, but I'm always in favour of increasing it for those who have had problems, even if it means a bigger download.

    Good to know I'm not the only one who's never noticed these problems.
  • Oh and they have Michael Land on board as well!

    Huurrraaaaaaaaaaa! *<(:O)
  • good call.

    it was really cool having this as a surprise, but unfortunately it means telltale really didn't seem to consult with fans at all. now we just have to hope they got it right. i think especially in the case of a game like monkey island, where fans know it just as deeply as the creators at this point, a lot of phenomenal ideas could've been sparked by a little public discussion.
  • Also agree with increasing the sound quality, an extra 50mb or so per episode isn't going to hurt anyone. When a game made over 10 years ago has better sound quality than today's versions even though they didn't have MP3s back then to compress it 10x fold you know something is seriously wrong

    96/128kb quality is perfectly acceptable for voices that may involve sudden screaming/high pitch voices
  • YES, I cringe every time a character says an "s" in S&M and W&G.
    The best solution I have is to use my old cheap speakers, that way everything sounds like crap and you don't hear the difference :P

    But yeah, please use a better codec/quality setting for the voices this time :-)
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