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Telltale, I love you.

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Since the first episode of Sam & Max I had secretly hoped for this, but never thought it would actually happen. And following both Sam & Max and SBCG4AP, I have the utmost confidence that you guys will do justice to this, this finest of adventure game universes. Seeing that Ron Gilbert has been involved makes it all the more sweeter.

Pre-ordered and counting the days...kudos to everyone at Telltale, and best wishes for the continued success that you guys very much deserve!
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  • This is the best piece of gaming news for the whole year. A miracle, really. haha!
  • Duate;126759 said:
    It's like telltale knows how to take our dreams and make them come true. Telltale, are you magic?
    ^ This!
  • I got the newsletter in my inbox when I got home! I can't believe it! Somebody wake me up, I must be dreaming!
  • Yow. Add me to the pile of people who never thought they'd see this day. Telltale, what can't you do? I think we may need to set up some kind of direct debt deal if you keep this train of awesome coming. Then you can join my student loan holder as the two people who suck money automatically from me on a monthly basis.

    While were at it, if you can get us some Purple and Green Tentacle love, I would do unspeakable things for you. Unholy things. hmm...
  • This is exciting. I already preordered it. One day, I hope to see Full Throttle back too, hint hint :)

    It really is a miracle!! I never believed the day would come that Monkey Island would come back! Next you'll be telling us you bought all of LucasArts abandonware and are making games for them all? Please? :)

    Edit: Just got back from the team page. Believe you me that I screamed like a girl at a Robert Pattison autograph session when I read that Dominic Armato is coming back to be Guybrush. I squealed a bit at all the other names on that page, too.
  • I about pooped my pants when i read the name Michael Land
  • Love love love. <3 you guys.
  • I was about to open this post too


  • Hi everyone :)

    Wanted to join to talk to fellow MI fans and also to thank Telltale (and Lucasarts) for bringing MI back!! I've been pinching myself all day to see if this announcement is a dream. The good news is that it appears to be very real. The bad news is I now have a lot of pinch marks.

    To get this new series and the Secret of Monkey Island remake in one summer is just astounding. MI is my favorite series of all time. And with all Telltale has done with Sam and Max and Strongbad, I know Tales of MI will be excellent. This just made my summer...well, made it indoors but made it nonetheless :D

    I'm also really excited to know Michael Land is doing the music again :cool:
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