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Questions for Dominic Armato!

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If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • Dmnkly, on what date did LucasArts contact you to reprise your role for SoMI:SE?
  • Dom, I am so happy to have you back on as Guybrush. CMI was your first time as Guybrush, and it was the first in the series I ever played. To me you ARE Guybrush.

    Hearing your lines in the trailer, particularly "Prepare to meet your frosty carbonated maker Lechuck!" brought me way way back.

    I have no questions, just want to thank you for the YEARS of my life that I have had enjoying your voicework on CMI and EMI.
  • I was wondering if you'll be appearing at Video Games Live at the Greek Theatre this Thursday. I know it's a long shot unless the show features Michael Land's music (I'm hoping that it does), but you rank in the top people that have influenced my taste in comedy. It would be an honor to meet you! (^_^)
  • Wow, it was awesome of Dominic to give such an extended response and I wanted to thank him for his excellent work in my favorite game series of all time, especially CMI which I personally laughed with the most :)

    I remember when I was first getting ready to play Curse of Monkey Island and was a bit skeptical of the general IDEA of new-fangled voice acting for a character that was always read. But that skepticism melted away within seconds of hearing him, as I immediately realized that Dominic was Guybrush. Not just then, but always. So in addition to continuing the series with Tales, I think it's great that he is now in the Secret of Monkey Island confirming the voice too. It will be playing that game like new with all the voices.

    I have two small general questions for Dominic:

    - Do you ever accidentally do Guybrush's voice in everyday conversation?
    - And if so, has it resulted in a humorous situation?
  • MystMonkey;127130 said:
    I have two small general questions for Dominic:

    - Do you ever accidentally do Guybrush's voice in everyday conversation?
    - And if so, has it resulted in a humorous situation?
    I'll extend on that:
    - Do you use any Guybrush lines in real life on purpose?
  • Hey Dominic, just wanted to say I'm glad to see you reprising Guybrush because as far as I'm concerned you are the one and only voice for him.

    ...Ok I feel bad for not asking a question, give me a sec, I'll think of something...

    Alright I got it! If you had one superpower, what would it be?
  • one year later;127084 said:
    Just wanted to throw another hells yes out there because hells yes. I think I hesitated a whole 10 seconds after seeing the link to preorder the whole game, god damn I feel like I'm 10 years old again.

    I'm not the only one who has a ripped mp3 of the pirate song from CMI on their ipod, right?

    Q for Dom: How do you work? Do you practice (your voice) for the sessions? Do you have any rituals (dancing around a Guybrush pole, yelling YAARRRR) ???!!!
  • I am a HUGE Monkey Island fan, and I have enjoyed all the games in the series, although my favourite is definitely CMI.

    Apart from Guybrush, who is your favourite character? Mine was Murray. I really hope he is in the new games.

    Monkey Island rocks! Hopefully this will sell heaps, and they will make more and more series, and the Monkey Island franchise will continue indefinitely! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Hey Dominic, I just wanted to let you know that your voicework really added a lot to CMI and EMI, and it's good to see you back. Thanks for really bringing Guybrush [more] to life!
  • I just want to say that Mr. Armato returning as Guybrush was the main reason I spent my semi-hard earned pieces of eight on the preorder. I probably would have gotten the games without, but it wouldn't have been the same.

    Very excited! :D
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