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The adventure begins... at E3!

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This week, several members of our team will be at E3 showing off Tales of Monkey Island, giving interviews, and subsisting on candy bars from the vending machine when the lunch lines turn out to be too long having a grand old time. And as a Tales of Monkey Island preorderer, we're going to let you in on the joys of being at E3 -- just like you were here with us!

Not sure what the web access will be like at the show, but we'll try to check in each day and let you guys know how it's going and where to look for Tales of Monkey Island coverage. I'll kick it off by saying that after a mostly uneventful flight, I arrived in LA and checked in to the hotel to find six boxes of Tales of Monkey Island buttons waiting for me. And that's only half the stash! The rest will be arriving tomorrow. We'll be handing them out at the show - hopefully in an amusing fashion. Watch later this week for pictures. 'Til then, here's a shot of the buttons, to tide you over...


I'm off to find some lunch (fully recognizing that this could be my last real meal for a week), then heading to the convention center to get our booth set up. First interview's tonight, with Adventure Gamers, then the show officially opens tomorrow!
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  • i love you guys (even if this is not what a pirate would say)!!
    i've been waiting too many years for a new monkey island game.
    i read monkey island then preorder, and immediately got my visa.

    i be a pirate!
    and i want this treasure!
  • seriously who had the most oragasmic feeling when they read about this

    i did
  • tarasis;127177 said:
    It also appears that SMI:SE will be LucasArts first foray into PC Digital Downloads. I'll be curious to see if they will piggy back of Telltales setup, build their own or use Steam.
    I hope they end up on Steam at some point. I Must Have That Game (tm), but I'd be hesitant about getting it from an inexperienced publisher...
  • I want those pins!!! :)

    And I think that "Tales of the Tentacle" can be also a nice idea... :D
  • request for a 'case file' with that 'Ask me about Monkey Island' pin thirded or fourthed.
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    Yeah, definitely make thoses "Ask me about Monkey Island" buttons available to us somehow. Man, they're awesome.
  • We had a great meeting with Dante from Adventure Gamers last night. Here's his preview:,1024

    After that, Kevin, Dave, and Lindsay (our office manager who's experiencing her first ever E3) went out to a really weird Japanese dinner. I might post a picture of it if my stomach ever recovers.

    Up today: Mixnmojo interview at the hotel, then rush over to the convention center where we meet with press back to back to back. We'll also have Day 1 of our rent-a-pirates handing out buttons and making a general commotion near the front entrance of West Hall. I'm hoping they'll do some live action Insult Swordfighting. :D Pictures to come whenever we can get online to post them!
  • Paine;126944 said:
    Ooooh man...please please make a S&M-esque Case File and include that "Ask me about Monkey Island" button.

    Goes well with my avatar & title :D
  • Yay, just saw this today, and im totally geeking out here. Already preordered MI5 from you, and ordered the poster and the evolution T-shirt from the lucasarts store.
    PLEASE tell me you guys are gonna do a Purcell poster too, i would love to have it hanging next to my MI2 and MI3 posters (yep, old fan, managed to convince some store owners to give me their promotional posters when they took them down)
  • You guys should include a T-Shirt or any other good surprise to the pre-ordered packaging :D
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