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Credit Card payment not processed !?!

posted by ritschy on - last edited - Viewed by 747 users
Hi there, I wanted to order some stuff from your site (like I've done twice before), but when I submitted my order I got a note that my billing adress is incorrect (btw, I am from Germany). I double-checked everything, checked my entered address against the one on my credit card account, and I definitely entered the right things. Is there a problem with international credit card processing?
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  • Same here, trying to order from Argentina.
  • I'm getting the same issue, but ordering from the US. I tried it three times before checking my bank account, and now I've got the order on there all three times, but no confirmation that it's actually gone through.

    Will I miss out on the pre-order because of these issues?

    Edit: I've emailed support...[issue-18000]‏.
  • Hey guys, if you think you're entering the address correctly but the site says you're not, please contact your credit card company before writing to support, to ask them why. We don't know how your address appears in their files, so we're not going to be able to tell you why it's being rejected.
  • I am getting the same error, Called my Credit card commany and they said I just been billed 5 times for $41 which with convertion is about right.. Clearly something is wrong.


    Edit my address can be displayed a few different ways
    Site 4 Box 37 RR 1
    Box 37 Site 4 RR 1

    I tried both 2 times just to make sure.

    Hey there! This is your last chance to review your order before we take your money. Give it a look over, and if all seems well, enter your payment info and click Submit Order.
    * There were some errors:
    * Your billing address could not be verified. Please make sure all of your information is correct.
    * The billing address you entered does not match the card. Please double-check the address and try again. If it still doesn't work, contact your bank.

    So clearly I'm upset.
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