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International shipment of Monkey Island Collector's DVD to Germany

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If I buy the full season of Tales of Monkey Island now, will I have to pay additional taxes for the Collector's DVD once it is shipped to me? It looks as if the Collector's DVD is "free of charge" and as such should not be subject to taxes, or will it?

Does anyone have experience with shipment to Germany? How much can the taxes be?
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  • fatjoem;127640 said:

    Does anyone have experience with shipment to Germany? How much can the taxes be?
    i got the S&M Season 2 DVD without problems, so there shouldn't be any problems with Monkey Island
  • Ok shipping is 9.95. Taxes I had 7.63 on a 69 dollar purchase. No local tax at the zoll but that may vary.
  • You just have to pay the regular shipping, which was €8,46 for the Strong Bad Collectors DVD (regarding the exchange rate at that time).

    There used to be too much tax applied in the past or something but I think they fixed that some time ago (TTG once send me an email telling me about refunds, I wouldn't even have noticed).
  • I really hope there will be another "buy an episode and shipping is free"-offer when the DVD is released.
  • If I preorder Tales of Monkey Island and come back to order the DVD to Germany at the end of the season, will the invoice say 35$+10$ shipping or will it say 0$+10$ shipping?
    I'm asking this because of the 20% import tax + 13% zoll-fee. It would propably make a difference regarding the game beeing kept at the zoll and having to pay to get it there and not beeing kept by the zoll and delivered directly to me.
  • It won't say $35 plus shipping, since $35 is the price of the downloads. The DVD is free, but we can't put $0 on a customs form without raising suspicions, so if you only get the DVD and nothing else, the value of the invoice will be something like $2 plus shipping. If you have any other merchandise in the same order, then the invoice will reflect this. Often people like to add merchandise to the free DVD orders to combine shiping.
  • ah ok. that sounds good. i hate going to the customs because they seem to think they are better than everyone else. but the worse thing would be to have to pay them for sitting on their butts.
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