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[Sam and Max] Autosaves should be timestamped, and stop eating those microphones!

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It is not obvious upon loading a game which is more recent, the autosave or the latest manual save. It wouldn't be as much of an issue if the game didn't crash intermittently, but it does, and that means one doesn't always plan to quit (and therefore save) when the game suddenly ends.

You can look in the game's directory to see which file was most recently modified, but since the game already tells me the time of the manual saves, it seems absurd (but not in the good Sam and Max way) that it doesn't do the same for the autosaves.

I know it's a little nitpicky, but it's an oversight that I thought was worth bringing up.

As long as I'm complaining about stuff, I must add that the people recording the audio need to try harder to avoid distortion. I don't know if it's introduced somewhere in the processing, or if the inputs are cranked up too high during recording, or if the actors are just eating their microphones, but a lot of the voice is gratingly distorted.

I've already paid for the rest of the episodes, so I feel like I should give any feedback I can that may improve the coming experience.
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  • What you're hearing is related to the audio compression we use and has nothing to do with the voice actors or the processing. It allows us to keep the file sizes low (which is important for a downloadable game). It seems to differ by sound cards and by the listener... some people don't like it, others (myself included) don't even notice it.

    Regarding the saves - I'm concerned that your game is crashing intermittently. It shouldn't be. Can you provide any more info about the problem? Does it seem to happen when you enter certain locations, or is it completely random? What are your system specs?
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