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Control Scheme?

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Yeah the news is outta this world, but before i can preorder, i gotta know, is this bad Wallace & Gromit controls?

Or Good Sam & Max control scheme?

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  • Another negative about direct control - one thing I really liked in adventure games of the past was the ability to double click the edge of a screen (or something similar) to instantly skip to the next area. This is very helpful when you're stuck and have to walk around searching for what to do.
  • Armakuni;127971 said:
    Another negative about direct control - one thing I really liked in adventure games of the past was the ability to double click the edge of a screen (or something similar) to instantly skip to the next area. This is very helpful when you're stuck and have to walk around searching for what to do.
    In W&G (episode 1) you get a map, so you can get from A to B very quickly, and there is no need to manually walk all the way then. This works pretty good (except for the "map bug" that makes your mouse pointer disappear, so you again have to use the keyboard...)

    My main argument for "point & click" is still that you need only one hand to control the game, so you can eat, drink, make some notes, handle the phone, pet your cat, etc. using the other one. - The main reason why MS-DOS became Windows may years ago is that some clever people (probably at Apple, not at Microsoft) noticed that is much more convenient to control your actions using a mouse pointer instead of a keyboard. Keyboad control is certainly the right decision for complex games where you have 20 different options you can choose from at the same time. But what I always liked about this type of adventure games is that you do not have to worry at all about the controls, but can intuitively move the characters around using the mouse.
  • I agree. It just seems much easier to click somewhere to have the character move there, rather than manually controlling the character all the way.

    And when you're stuck and have to do a lot of walking - manually walking a character around for hours is a big chore, much better to sit back and click around.
  • Great news about the new Monkey Island.

    I played the W&G demo on both PC and Xbox 360, to me using the pad was easier to learn then the keyboard/mouse combination. A wireless wii nunchuck/mouse combo would be awesome for both ToMI and W&G but then you’d need to get the wireless nunchuck working with the PC.
  • Hmmm... oh well :( ...

    I'm a game developer and well... I understand what is required for deploying a game, the compromise you made, the improvements searched, etc... So everything is set now i suppose, and you make the shocking announcement of your life (of your game company) and the world went upside down as expected (the world of mainly every 20-30something PC classic adventure game player that is, myself included). And then you get lots of complaints from your very potencial customers about something that surely can not be changed due to your game/engine/room design. It really sound depressing...

    It's not like you cant see this coming, seeing a similar feedback about WG's controls back then. But on adventure talking (no hurt intended), who cares about WG? so it was ok... But now we are talking here about MI (!), so you surely thought: wow, how big, you better take care of what decision are made to not screw this (like, hey brainstorming! why dont we kill the voodo lady?...riiing! wrong! ... i mean things like that).

    And you still came with the same control scheme than WG, so obviously you really must be convinced of it's goodness, and nothing posted here will change that. Even if Ron Gilbert himself came and posted against it wouldnt be of any help...

    So... i preordered mine. Love the series, and i've been waiting YEARS for this. Really. But, as you love me as stated in my preorder email ;) i hope you dont mind if think you should have find a way to have happy customers and not complaining ones...

    And for my own desires... well... i think as another poster some pages ago, that adventure games are made for relaxing, thinking, taking your time in a pausing way, its not like a FPS, nor RPG... so no keyboard for me, just one handed mouse control as I lay down on the sofa/bed (Wii/PC gaming) while playing... because adventure games are like reading a book.

    So just think about it, surely you'll get a hell of sells anyway, but in the end... you get a good game, instead a great one, and when someone ask... you'll always said... hey Grim Fandango is one of the best games ever made, but the control are just wrong, if only they re-release it with mouse control. You'll never get rid of that kind of "but".

    Anyway..... as said....

    ...oh well :( ...
  • Ron Gilbert must be okay with the control scheme. After all he was part of the meetings. Oh and on his website he expressed multiple frustrations with full mouse gameplay in SOMI. W&G has given TTG plenty of time to work on perfecting their control scheme.

    GET OVER IT YOU UNGRATEFUL WHINY *words that would get me banned*
  • @NickTTG and the Telltale TEAM:

    What about a simple GUI (that can be activated in the options menu) with the arrow keys similar to the old Eye of the Beholder games?.

    It would only be a small plane sticked to the camera view similar to the inventory GUI with semi-transparent arrows and mimicking the keyboard arrow movement but working like a clickable button for the mouse.

    So people instead of pressing the key on the keyboard they just hold the on-screen arrow key with the mouse.

    I can illustrate the idea better with a screenshot.

    I can go with something like this and i really dont think is hard to do or implement and both sides would be happy.
  • Are you kidding? That would be horrible. You wouldn't be able to get anywhere very quickly or effectively. It'd feel almost like playing the keyboard with boxing gloves. I'd rather the way someone else mentioned earlier: hold the right mouse button to walk and move the mouse left and right to steer.
  • All I can say is Telltale must be feeling pretty confident right now if this is the biggest concern people have about how a new Monkey Island game will turn out.
  • Okay, that just sounds like you want the mouse involved for the sake of having the mouse involved, not because it would be a better control method, because that would suck. It's no different than using the D-buttons, except you're laboriously clicking on them instead of using your fingers directly.
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