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Questions for Dominic Armato!

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If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • Hi there Dominic. Huge fan of the series, was ecstatic to see TTG heading up the new series following their awesome work with Sam and Max. Preordered as soon as Paypal started working, and here I am.

    So! My question: Apart from Guybrush, who do you think is your favourite character in the series?

    I personally have to say Murray is by far my favourite. I especially liked the one exchange in Curse of Monkey Island: " I STRIDE through the gates of Hell, carrying your head upon a pike!" "...Stride?" "Alright, roll! ROLL through the gates of Hell! Must you take the fun out of everything?"
    As such, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the episodes, and whether Murray will make a return.
  • 1. Guybrush and Elaine .. married.

    Too soon? Too late? Shouldnt have happened? yOUR CAWMENTS ? (a.k.a comments)

    2. Whose idea was it for you to answer alllllllllllllll these questions
  • Vongrove;127616 said:
    I have some questions about the industry. How exactly did you get into voice acting and what would you suggest an aspiring voice actor go about doing the same...
    I'll answer in the form of a (hopefully) amusing anecdote. While I was in college, a pal of mine told me that he was really interested in voiceover, and asked if I had any advice for breaking into the business. I told him my stock answer, which was that I kind of stumbled into it when I was a little kid so I don't have a lot of wisdom to pass along, having not been through the process of breaking in myself. But I told him I'd talk to my agent and see what she suggested. So I went to Sharon (Wottrich, of Innovative Artists Chicago), my Agent / Old Friend / Surrogate Mother and said to her, "Hey, Sharon... I have this buddy who feels like he'd like to get into voiceover. What would you suggest he do?"

    "Tell him to go lie down until the feeling goes away."

    And this is why I love Sharon. But it's good advice. Yeah, it sounds like it's easy (it isn't), a ton of fun (it is), and incredibly lucrative (it can be), but the fact is that the people who do most of the work are really good. Really good. Like, scary good. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not worthy. And since they never appear on screen, it isn't like on-camera where somebody gets hot, they're in everything, they get old and we're on to the next fresh face, so there's some churn. People who do it well can do it forever, and they've been doing it forever, and they're going to do it perfectly, and all of the producers know this, so why should they give you a shot? Plus, this was even before so much VO went celebrity and took not only a huge chunk of the business, but all of the good stuff. Even the people who used to make a decent living at it are now fighting for scraps. I've been in and around the business for almost 25 years, and I might be able to name a dozen people who are actually making a living doing voiceover in today's market. Those aren't good odds.

    Short answer? If you have to do it, you have to do it (and I understand the feeling, believe me). But keep it on the back burner. Make a demo, send it everywhere, and cross your fingers.
    Vongrove;127616 said:
    Now for the MI question, you remember Plank of Love I know it was scrapped but did any semblance of a melody exist because those lyrics have confounded me since I found them on the internet oh so many years ago?
    Actually, I have absolutely no idea. I don't think I even learned about Plank of Love until long after the fact, or if it was ever mentioned while we were recording, it was just in passing. I never knew anything about it. I know for certain that the first place I saw the lyrics was online, years later.
    monkey_05_06;127621 said:
    Okay Dominic, I've thought long and hard about this one, and I'm super-duper serial...have you ever gone dressed up for Halloween as Guybrush? If no, would you consider doing it? If yes, would you send me exclusive photos of the event? If no, would you at least post them publicly for everyone to see, myself included? If yes, could you not post them on FaceBook and/or PhotoBucket both of which I have a personal vendetta against? If no, why not?
    No, ehhhhh, maybe, probably, no promises, and because I'm a little creeped out about the prospect of being unable to keep us separate entities as it is.
    JediCardTrick;127624 said:
    There are countless things I would just love to ask about, of course - but I suppose the most pressing question right now would be: "How many more questions do you expect you'll have to answer before we salivating fans allow you a well-earned break?"
    I'm putting the over/under at 182.
    Laserschwert;127643 said:
    Back in the days, when I played Monkey Island with my friends, we used to read the different parts out loud during playing. Did you do that too? Isn't it kind of surreal now?
    Sorry... I think I missed this one on the last pass. Out loud? I don't think so. But certainly to myself. I always have to stifle a snicker whenever somebody tells me that it was a little weird to hear my voice at first because he'd always heard Guybrush a little differently in his head. I just can't help but think, "Hey, Guybrush always sounded that way to me" :-)
    Shale;127649 said:
    When you found out about the new projects, were you more excited about playing more Monkey Island or performing in more Monkey Island?
    Ooooooooo... tough call. Really tough call. But I'm going to give the edge to performing, because if I put myself in a hypothetical scenario where I can choose between performing in another MI game without actually playing it or playing another MI game without performing in it, I know which one I'd choose.
    ZombieAtPlay;127665 said:
    *Bamf* huh? X-men fan by any chance? Ok question time... Whats your farourite comic book series (if you read them. I'm just guessing)?
    Heh... I dig 'em :-) I'm definitely not a comic geek, though I went through my phase (two of them, actually) and I totally appreciate them. X-Men Classic was among my favorites at the time.
    julisana;127672 said:
    My question's not really MI related. I'm curious about how you became a foodie. Did you just watch too much Food Network (like me) and end up picking it up, or was there some particular dish/restaurant that kind of "opened your eyes" to the foodie world?
    A solid foundation laid by a family that appreciated both eating and preparing good food, a partial awakening when I moved out to California and suddenly had all of this incredible produce to play with, and an even bigger awakening when I spent my 20s traveling like crazy and eating anywhere I could. But I couldn't pin it down to a single restaurant/event. Incidentally, Food Network annoys me these days. A lot. I dug them back in the early years when they were about getting people who were talented and interested in teaching. But somewhere along the line, the unwritten mission statement went from teaching and enabling their viewers to preying on their fears and insecurities. See Sandra Lee (though she was just the last straw). For a channel that's supposedly dedicated to cooking, they sure spend an awful lot of time teaching you how to avoid doing it.
    Guybrush Threepwood;127736 said:
    My one is quite simple: do you usually get the lines recorded on first take?
    For Guybrush? Yes. Well, sort of. We generally do two passes on almost every line. A first pass, and a second for safety. But that's Guybrush. With commercial, for example, you never know. I have had, literally two take sessions. And I've had sessions where I've read one sentence over a hundred times. When it takes forever, I'm generally inclined to believe it's the director's fault (I can't give you what you want if you can't tell me what that is), but then, I'm the voice talent, so what else am I going to believe?
    Ne0n;127739 said:
    This is a 'hard' question: How much (3p)wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck (3p)wood?
    37 pounds. Exactly. Look it up.
    Ne0n;127739 said:
    Continuing: You say booze helped you when time was rough, would it be wrong to presume you combined it with ?
    I'm here answering questions, aren't I?
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    1) Is there any particular puzzle in the MI series that still haunts you in your sleep for whatever reason?
    Haunts me? No. But I still say the underwater idol puzzle is the best damn adventure puzzle ever.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    Which Guybrush design is your favourite?
    Tossup between MI2:LCR and CMI. I'm leaning MI2. The coat fricking rocks.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    3) Do you like pudding?
    If it's made well, I have yet to meet a foodstuff that I don't like. Except for that one type of tofu they gave me in China that's black on the outside, served in chile oil and smells like feet x1000. Not "stinky tofu". I love that stuff. I'm talking about "utterly foul-smelling tofu of death". It's the one food that keeps me from having to qualify my position that I have yet to meet a foodstuff that I don't like.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    5) What happened to question number 4?
    I ate it. See question number 3.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    6) Is that a three-headed Monkey?
    No, but you should probably have that checked out by a doctor.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    7) Speaking of which, do you have a three headed monkey doll?
    Nope, but now I want one.
    Xocrates;127745 said:
    You don't need to answer all of that, obviously :P
    NOW you tell me.
    serweet;127768 said:
    Have you ever heard of Bobin Threadbare?
    Hell yeah! Loom was the first LucasArts game I played!
    WarlordX40;127856 said:
    As you are the voice of the main character do you get an advanced copy of the game (if so could you leak it to me, it should be fine as I've already preordered it), or do you have to wait like the rest of us?
    Nope, I get it on or after the release date like everybody else, though the folks who make 'em are generally kind enough to give me a copy. Sure would be awesome to get it early, though.


    Yup. Sure would be awesome to get it early.
    MystMonkey;127915 said:
    Thanks for the answer!! So basically, if you had been answering out loud as you typed it (a perfectly normal thing to do, I assure you!), it *could* have sounded like Guybrush was talking to me! :D :D
    Hamstruts;127923 said:
    is tales of monkey island the official MI5 in the series. or is it just a so called extra since it is a series in itself. and if it's not the official part 5. when will we see a MI5 game.
    Not sure. We'll have to wait for the official word from the International Monkey Island Numbering Standards Commission, and should know soon. As for any games other than what's been announced, I honestly have no idea.
    CrazySickPsycho;127931 said:
    When do you start recording voice work for Monkey Island 2?????
    Mromson;127951 said:
    I suppose the real question is - will there be a remake of Monkey Island 2? :D
    Powerlord;127995 said:
    I can answer that one! If LucreArts thinks there's money in it... and if the first remake sells well, you bet they will!
    I can see my work is done here. Who had the under?
    Sjado;128006 said:
    Maybe we can bug you now to record lines for us to use as ringtones awell? :p
    Sitting in a public place and hearing somebody answer an electronic device that's speaking in my voice? Now that would be surreal.
    Nazrin;128017 said:
    Besides the Monkey Island series, what are your favorite video games from adventure to RPG to FPS and more?
    I could name a ton of favorites, but most notably I'm a total Guitar Freaks / Guitar Hero / Rock Band junkie, and I adore the first two Thief games.
    Nazrin;128017 said:
    In addition, what do you think of Telltale's previous games, such as Sam & Max?
    ChazFox;128027 said:
    So! My question: Apart from Guybrush, who do you think is your favourite character in the series?
    Objection, your honor! Asked and answered!

    Are these answers getting less informative and more chippy as we go along, or is it my imagination?
  • Did your wife marry you because you were the voice of Guybrush? :p I know I'd marry the voice actor of April from 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey' if the chance was there
  • That anecdote was Amusing enough my "friend," whom I kidding I laughed out loud. I always love a story where someone in the acting business tells me to reconsider it, makes me feel better about all the doubt that I constantly face trying to exist in a creative field. Still had to ask because the topic of making it as a voice actor came up last night and serendipitously I was able to pose the same question to an actual factual voice actor...

    That being said while disappointed in you not being able to shed some more light onto the Plank of Love Mystery, I do enjoy that you too found it years later on the internet.

    Enough fawning over this forum for now, hope the questions let up but I doubt it as there exists no rest for the wicked, I'm gonna put it out there that if I ever ran into you in a bar I'd gladly buy you a Grog
  • Also since it is the questions for Dominic Armato forum...

    What exactly would you recommend a demo consist of?
  • I'm still giddy at the thought that I'm going to be able to play MI again after so many years... I hope there is more insult swordfighting to be had.

    1) can you tell us if you did VOs for new insults?
    2) what does grog taste like and do you have to take a break to let your vocal chords recover after a chug :D
  • Not to hijack the answering away from Mr. Armato, but I would like to submit an answer to the "breaking into voice acting" question as an amateur voice over guy myself. As Dominic already said, the best voice parts, i.e. leads in big budget animated films, are being given away to celebrities these days (I blame Robin Williams), so it's hard for a new voice actor to find a place in a very tight market.

    My suggestion to anyone trying to get a start in "funny voices" is to try to create your own forum for your talents. Matt Chapman from Homestar Runner, the guys from Red vs Blue, and radio personality Phil Hendrie are good examples. They didn't have to break into an existing system (except for Phil breaking into radio in general), instead they made something that needed voice overs and provided their own. That may not work for everyone, but it's probably one of the easiest ways to overcome the outsider trying to get in problem. If you don't have any talents other than doing voices, try looking for creative people online or in your own community that can draw, make films, run a radio station, etc. that you can assist with your voice over abilities. If it's the right combination of ideas and talents, you might one day end up working with They Might Be Giants and getting your own cool game for attractive people.
  • To Mr. Armato, you are a very awesome and patient man. Seriously, it's a good thing you had a blog so your wrist muscles got developed. And I'm glad someone mentioned your blog, because it never occurred to me to use a sieve for pureeing. I don't have a food processor, so I thought it was impossible for me to make those nice slurry kind of soups, but I guess I don't need one. Thanks for the tip!
  • Dmnkly;128210 said:
    No, ehhhhh, maybe, probably, no promises, and because I'm a little creeped out about the prospect of being unable to keep us separate entities as it is.
    Hah! Thanks for the response. Here's another query:

    Are you really Dominic Armato or are you one of those MySpace/FaceBook-esque celebrity profiles who are actually just some secretary giving text book answers to all us fanatical zealots? :rolleyes:
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