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Shirts and Hats?

posted by Skippy the Demon on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users
Can we expect Monkey Island T-shirts and hats? I saw Lucasarts has some shirts for the SMI remake, was just wondering if we can expect to see some here as well.
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  • I don't work for telltale, but to spare you the wait, anticipation I would say that is a given. The question is will there be tee shirts homaging the characters, the new stories, and the old stories as well ? The question isn't if they will have MI tee shirts and make a good dollar on it, its what is going to be on the tee shirts that makes them desirable or undesriable .
  • Well I can tell you... even though I havent seen it yet, I want that Steve Purcell art on a shirt.
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