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The adventure begins... at E3!

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This week, several members of our team will be at E3 showing off Tales of Monkey Island, giving interviews, and subsisting on candy bars from the vending machine when the lunch lines turn out to be too long having a grand old time. And as a Tales of Monkey Island preorderer, we're going to let you in on the joys of being at E3 -- just like you were here with us!

Not sure what the web access will be like at the show, but we'll try to check in each day and let you guys know how it's going and where to look for Tales of Monkey Island coverage. I'll kick it off by saying that after a mostly uneventful flight, I arrived in LA and checked in to the hotel to find six boxes of Tales of Monkey Island buttons waiting for me. And that's only half the stash! The rest will be arriving tomorrow. We'll be handing them out at the show - hopefully in an amusing fashion. Watch later this week for pictures. 'Til then, here's a shot of the buttons, to tide you over...


I'm off to find some lunch (fully recognizing that this could be my last real meal for a week), then heading to the convention center to get our booth set up. First interview's tonight, with Adventure Gamers, then the show officially opens tomorrow!
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  • Guybrush Threepwood;127810 said:
    You can say that again. I was going to order a poster, but the international postage is utterly ridiculous.
    I have to admit, I've purchased the poster and will get it shipped to The Netherlands. Shipping is 3 times the cost of the poster itself, but oh well.. Can't let this chance walk past :-)

    First time, since a *very* long time, that I've preordered any game. Don't think it could have been anything else than monkey island eventually :)
  • Emily;126978 said:
    They did, actually. His name is Darrell Rodriguez, and he's a big Monkey Island fan. :)
    That's great, I have to think that played a large part in LucasArts suddenly remembering that they used to make adventure games. The previous fellow, Mr. Ward, didn't seem too keen for them, thus the reason I bought all those 2015 calendars and marked every day as the expected release date of MI5. Guess that was a happy waste.

    Seriously, it seemed pretty bleak for a long time there. I can't understand companies with old IPs that treat them like they never existed. If you respect and cater to my love for old games, I'll probably buy new ones from you as well.
  • [QUOTE=Lindsay;128265]The lights! The music! The beautiful people! It's Vegas for gamers. Monkey Island is on the way. To celebrate, we brought in some resident pirates to get people excited and pass out our lovely buttons.


    That has to be the second best job I have ever heard of!
  • image

    I... want... that... thing...

    Okay, I won't yell "high resolution", as I usually do, but you've got to somehow share this thing with the public... this time I'd even settle for (slightly above) web resolution :)
  • Sigh, I love telltale =D
    PS, pretty please can we get those buttons?
  • I'm not the kind of fan that typically buys merchandise, but I'd pay for one of those signs.
  • Am I the only one that think that the LucasArts MI Special Edition´s artwork is AWFUL? Come on, Guybrush's hair is TERRIBLE and the graphics of the game... Seems an amateur game...

    I have visited the LucasArts store, trying to buy some t-shirts... But the artwork is UGLY. The items look auwful, no way...
    Please Telltale, make proper t-shirts and buttons and put them in your shop. Oh, and a soundtrack CD... Michael Land is god! :)
  • Here's a preview that came out of our press meetings yesterday: IGN

    And speaking of Darrell Rodriguez, here's an interview you guys may find enlightening: Develop
  • The "Ask Me About Tales of Monkey Island" button, like many people before me - has tickled my nostalgic funny bone and rapidly jabbed at my "salivate uncontrollably" on/off switch. You wouldn't be so cruel as to.... NOT let us have some means of accessing said buttons.... Would you? D:
  • Will you guys be showing off the game on Gamespot's live stage show? That would be cool. They still have some TBA slots in the schedule, so I'm just thinking it could be you guys.
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