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Stop the console sellout

posted by moomoocow on - last edited - Viewed by 290 users
Goddamnit. First you make me happy announcing a new Monkey Island and then you ruin the fun by bringing sucky crappy easy-to-adapt-to-gamepad controls pretty much nobody wants.

And to top that you bring those controls into Sam & Max too. Thank you !

Why the hell do you do that ?

Dont start the "We do it for artistic reasons so everything looks cooler"-crap please. I have seen plenty of traditional point & click adventure games with great graphics.

I cant help but the only reason for that change I can see is that you want to simplify the process of porting the games to different platforms so you can release games faster and save money. Economic reasons are perfectly understandable and it is your good right to do whatever you like (unfortunately Telltale is the studio in charge and its your game) but at least be honest and stop lying to your customers.

Tell the fucking truth and say "Yes we want to get filthy rich and therefore implement crappy controls so we can release our games on any kind of platform you can think of". And now I need some sedatives :D
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