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Just Some Buggies

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Bug List (List your bugs encountered here. Provide Hardware Specifications)

(Also wanted to thank Doug Tabacco for the email and quip. hehehe. :P)

#1 Not sure if this is a bug or not, In Bosco's when Sam reads out the magazines, the text goes through the list Organ Trader, Self Loathing Weekly, Hotbunny. But before Sam can actually say "HotBunny" Max jumps in and says "Oh let me see that", referring to Self Loathing Weekly.

#2 Also not sure if this is a bug, but it is annoying. Once you have something in your hand, you can't get rid of it until you leave the room or area that you're in. Same goes for the crosshair. Usually the item goes back into the inventory once you try it with something else, but that isn't the case here.

#3 In Sybil's Psychotherapy business, When using the Tear Gas Gun on the Fan behind the Soda Popper, Sam says something (forget what) but his voice has an extremely strange echo. This might make sense if he were walking over to the fan and speaking into it, but it only happens when you use the Tear Gas Gun on it, and this does not make any sense to me?

#4 Sound is "grainy" on some people's systems (One Report is from a user with an Audigy ZS Card.

#5 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 causes seemingly random errors upon initial starting of the game. Some users report that restarting the game fixes the issue.
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    I know, the activation thing I can sort of figure, it being on an unsupported OS and everything, but the voices?

    Only guesses I can make at the cause are either channel issues (as in, if you listen to a 5.1 sound source on stereo headphones, you only get the left and right channels (usually the music) and not the center channel (usually the voices), or dodgy unsupported Creative drivers (lord knows Creative writes poor drivers).

    I'm not sure if the game is even played out in 5.1 channel sound though, so.. just guesses.

    I'll install the game on XP Pro SP2 tomorrow, and see what that gets me. I'll keep you posted.
  • I can't reproduce the audio thing on an Audigy LS under vista, sorry :(
  • A few other people have had voices and sound effects but not music. It probably has to do with the audio channel. Why it would happen only on your headphones, I don't know.
  • Also, in Bosco's, when trying to do something to the box of the little guy when he's in the bathroom, max is always standing IN sam, making him punch him away all the time, but he just lands or walks back into sam...
  • JK1985;11808 said:
    *spoiler warning*

    UPDATE: When you ask Sybil for som defense for the hypnosis, then a line is jumped!
    I get this too, he starts asking about the hypnosis defense, gets about 3 words into his sentence, and then Sybil jumps in with her dialog. very strange. Also have the "Hotbunny" skip, but thats more of a minor thing. I really want to hear Sam finish that sentence at the tattoo, psychotherapists.
  • Here's a fresh bug: My ram gets overloaded whenever I play; it goes to virtual memory after about a half hour of playing. (I'm running it on Win2000.) Near as I can figure, the game doesn't free up the ram when I leave a room.
  • Actually, I had to do a restart after playing S&M for an hour. It totally ate all my ram, didnt give it back to the system even after quitting. Computer ran like a turtle afterwards.
  • Floor disappears on final level

    1. I ALT-RETURNED to put the game in a window (so I could look up hints)
    2. When I returned to the window with alt-tab, i pressed alt-return to make it full screen again
    3. The floor was black / not visible beneath the soda poppers immediately when I got back

    It returned after the camera changed position.

    What a great little game that was. I think I'm a fan of episodic gaming. Finally a game I could afford.
  • except;12438 said:
    Actually, I had to do a restart after playing S&M for an hour. It totally ate all my ram, didnt give it back to the system even after quitting. Computer ran like a turtle afterwards.
    I get the same (the game crashed on me multiply times through the story). Funny though, after each crash I got an empty error-box with a blank button to press. Though after finishing the game, it crashed and finally added the text to the box. Guess it's the prize for completing it :D


    and then it was turtle-power.
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