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What Other Class Lucas Arts advent. games would fit with the episodic format

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First off, this thread isn't to beg TT to have them get the license for other LA titles since I am content that they got MI. However, how would other LA titles work with the episodic theme if TT have gotten ahold of the license??

Because the Monkey Island games always had chapters, the episodic nature would fit perfectly. Sam and Max, despite the first game not being episodic, still worked well with episodic season esp how the series is of a police theme one.

I think Full Throttle might work with the episodic theme if it was Ben against one specific biker gang per episode. As for the Maniac Mansion series, l would like to see a series where each episode focuses on one of the playable characters. However, it would remove the ability to change characters.
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  • Yeah I'm a long time member here jp and I've had criticism for some of the products in the past too. I wasn't comfortable with the voices chosen for sam & max when the series was first shown. It isn't as simple as not buying it. I want to buy it and depending on what kind of reviews it gets I may still. I'm just disappointed that one of my favourite series isn't exactly what I wanted. I'm sure the core game is great. If they could just swap out the character models with something better I'd be happy.
  • If they did make a Full Throttle sequel I'd rather Double Fine made it than Telltale.
  • Day of the Tentacle. The Tentacles different plans and attempts to take over the world.

    Full Throttle would be cool be do not know if they should leave it alone with the passing of Roy Conrad who voiced Ben.
  • loom would probably be safe
  • Alucard;128754 said:
    loom would probably be safe
    LOOM would be a fantastic episodic game series. Considering it was supposed to be a trilogy, (or at least later decided could be a trilogy according to Moriarty), and the story still had a lot of ground to cover, it would be interesting to see someone tie up the loose threads. Not only would it be great to see the events hinted at but never happening in the game actually occur, but giving more time to each of the locations instead of making them one puzzle affairs would be fantastic. You could really spend a collection of episodes just on the story of the first game if you remade it from start (as I would assume you need to).
  • I'd love to see Maniac Mansion, or Loom.

    Some of the adventure games that got canned before they went into development would be great too. I recall reading about one involving superheroes?

    An "The Adventures of Indiana Jones" series perhaps.

    That's about all that's left of Lucasart's adventures.
  • Secret Fawful;129159 said:
    That's about all that's left of Lucasart's adventures.
    Yeah, exactly. It's not like we have that many LucasArts point 'n' click adventures to choose from.

    Why not expand it?
  • Good lord a proper Indiana Jones adventure game (please no adaption of friggin scull) would be AWESOME.
  • The more I think about Maniac Mansion / Day of the Tentacle, the more I think it wouldn't work at all, as much as I'd like it to.
  • Zak McKracken would be cool, and could fit with Telltale's style.

    I think it's a bit soon to speculate about this stuff, though.
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