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Favourite Monkey Island Theme

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Way too many selections for a poll, but what's your favourite music theme from all the MI games? I realize many people would choose the main theme itself so let's have a little fun and keep that one off-limits! ;)

So as awesome as it is, pick any theme at all other than the main theme! Mine would have to be either the following the shopkeeper/Melee Island woods theme or the VooDoo woman/Monkey Island catacombs theme (both from SMI). Can't really decide which. They're both very catchy.
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  • LeChucks theme is awesome, after seeing this thread I've had it constantly in my head.
  • A toss up between the Eliane Marley theme , and Largo Theme, of the originals. I love all of CMI though .
  • Besides the main theme, i think the introduction to scabb island (right when guybrush is telling his story to the pirates) its a beatiful melody, along with the banjo notes in CMI, when you have to chose the difficulty level.
    Both of them are kind of blue and mellancolic, i love them.
  • I like the smuggler's theme in Andre's cave, in CMI, when Guybrush is playing poker to get the diamond. Spooky, dark, interesting. Likewise the background music pretty much everywhere on Blood Island.
  • Someone just had to post a thread like this, didn't they? Surely they must have realised that it would cause me to spend the next 2 hours listening to all of the the Soundtracks all over again XD
  • Every god damn theme from Monkey Island is great, but i especially love the Le Chuck's one. I've thought about somehow coering it a thousand time and always got way too lazy, but god, this has to be one of the greatest theme ever.
    I actually love most of those old lucasart themes (sam and max had a lot of awesome stuff, and the ennio morricone rip off from outlaw was pretty well done), especially in those old "crapy" MIDI versions. Usually hate MIDI but I dunno, this crap sound just seems to fit them so well.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The rollercoaster chase from the end of Monkey 3, and Largo's theme from Monkey 2, are favorites of mine.
  • Even though it is one of the more anonymous tracks from the Monkey Island game, the one track I find myself whisteling to the most is the Scabb Island map-theme.

    Also, I like the music in the Goodsoup hotel in CMI and the Cementary theme from MI2.
  • The music in the Goodsoup hotel is really nostalgic and melancholic. Kinda like the feeling of the whole island. I love it
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