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Favourite puzzle from the previous MI games?

posted by Toothless Gibbon on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I have to say that, despite the twisted logic of it all, my fav is actually the Monkey Wrench puzzle from MI2!

Depite it being very frustrating, I probably got more satisfaction from solving that one puzzle alone after being stuck for weeks! (can't remember if it was a try-everything-on-everything affair or a moment of genius, but I like to think the latter!)

Whats yours?
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  • I can't single out a singe puzzle since everyone of the games has been so mind-blowingly good.

    I used to love saying "the skeleton arm wont work with that" to everyone who was having trouble doing anything (and then having to explain what it was I was talking about!!)
  • Probably the spitting competition or finding the ship's headpiece, both from MI2.
  • Obvious. MI1, when you're in the water. The most obvious solution is sometimes the most overlooked.
  • I loved all of the puzzles that I ached my brain to figure out. Those were the best. I enjoyed the puzzles in MI for their comedic payoff. The cannon puzzle on the ship for instance.

    My favorite puzzle in MI2 was getting Lechucks beard in the elevator/making of the voodoo doll.
  • Definitely getting the golden tooth in CMI with the bubble gum. Man, that took me so long
  • The singing pirate puzzle in CMI. Had me laughing out loud all the way through!
  • Escape from the snake's stomach in CMI.

    That, and when Guybrush PICKED UP A LARGE DOG AND PUT IT IN HIS POCKET in MI2. Talk about Hammerspace!
  • The monkey on the water pump to stop the waterfall... oh wait, you said favourite puzzle... nevermind then :p
  • The Diving Contest from MI4

    1/ Get the coffee to
    2/ Stay awake through the timeshare presentation to get the brochure
    3/ Blackmail the first judge with the picture of him and his girlfriend
    4/ Fail at the pirate retraining school to get the dunces cap
    5/ Wear the dunces cap to minimise splash to get the 2nd judges vote
    6/ Do an exact copy of Marco de Pollo's dives to get the 3rd judges vote
    7/ Add bagel crumbs from starbuccaneers to Marco's seal oil to
    8/ Get Marco attacked by seagulls, to
    9/ Finally win the contest!
  • i loved puzzles on board the ship while u travel to monkey island in Monkey 1
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