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Q&A With the Team

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 40.7K users
Welcome to the secret forum! As a thank you for pre-ordering, we've created this little backstage area where you can hang out with the development team, keep an eye on the development of Tales of Monkey Island, and hopefully get your hands on things before we go wide with them to the public.

First off, though, let's start a Q&A thread!

Any questions you've got for the development team, ask 'em here!
We'll try to dogpile this thread with high quality facts and higher quality lies conversation!
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  • afcarv;130718 said:
    Arr, a pirate I was meant to be[...]
    Trim the sails and roam the sea!
  • I just want to say that I'm glad LucasArts finally realized that intellectual property isn't worth anything unless you do something with it, and I'm glad they chose your shop to do it. Adventure games languished for quite a while, but now that all the people who grew up playing them are adults with jobs and disposable income, I hope we'll see more of this sort of thing.
  • Wicked Mouse;130729 said:
    Trim the sails and roam the sea!
    Don't make me pull out the oranges, pal.

    So, LeChuck seems to be of the Zombie variety here. Is that how you're keeping him for this series? Or is he still doing that zany back-and-forth thing from EMI?

    I'd ask if we're going to see any new incarnations, but really, after Ghost, Zombie, Demon and Stone Giant, not many places left to go...
  • Chuck;130616 said:
    Oh, man, they're still milking the Jam & Trax license? I was looking forward to Wham! Attacks Bees in Trees, with full keyboard control of George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley.

    Telltale used to be so cool. Guess you gotta go after those console dollars.
    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Classic :)
  • Wicked Mouse;130729 said:
    Trim the sails and roam the sea!
    Bill: To fight us off ye don't need guns!
    Edward:Just really good ear plugs!
  • image

    We will fight you in the harbor
    We will battle you on land
    But when you meet singing pirates...

    Guybrush: ... they'll be more than you can stand! :rolleyes:
    Bill: Oh, that was a good one! :)
    Guybrush: No, it wasn't. :mad:
  • Guybrush: Stop! Stop! Stop!
    Bill: The brass is what we'll polish and the deck is what we'll mop.

    Guybrush: You say you're nasty pirates...
    Guybrush: ...scheming, thieving, bad bushwhackers?
    Guybrush: From what I've seen I tell you...
    Guybrush:'re not pirates! You're just slackers!
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