Season 2 Idea

Here's an thought, I understand if you don't like it:

An entire storyline involving the Mundy police investigating Bigby and the Fables in general was cut shortly before the release of episode one, which led to a rewrite of the entire season and episode two in particular.

I hope that Season 1 ends with a cliffhanger with the Mundy police seeing a street cam or something of Bigby turning into a wolf, which leads into a S2 or a DLC in which some of the original plan for S1 takes place. I'm mainly hoping this because I am praying for a Season 2, and I think this would be an awesome story for it.




  • Would LOVE to have a 2nd season. That wouldn't be a bad idea, actually. :)

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    I too am praying for a season 2. This idea would be very interesting if executed properly. Telltale, take not.

  • That would be awesome! Great idea!

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    Tension between Fables and the Mundy police would be most exciting to see, I welcome this idea!

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    That actually wouldn't be such a bad idea. We never DID Brannigan again!

  • Maybe we could play as both mundie and fable police? Like those stories where in each chapter you play as another character. I'm pretty sure a game has done it but I can't think of one at the top of my head.

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    Farenheit(aka Indigo Prophecy) did something like that, and it was great, but I don't think the concept would work very well with TWAU. For one thing, the mundie detectives just wouldn't be as interesting as the fables, and even if that angle was covered solely by Brannigan and her backstory was expanded on it'd still be weak compared to Season 1.

    I don't think we'll get a season 2, though a little DLC would make sense. The Fables universe, or at least Fabletown as a setting, just doesn't lend itself that well to video games. Even if the first season has been awesome, it's also been a little awkward and weird for both players who have read the comics and players who haven't, and it's obviously been much harder for the developers to balance and keep the story coherent and captivating from episode to episode than it ever was in TWD.

    If we do get one, I think it'll either be about one of the solitary fables(Jack on the road, any one of the tourists or Bigby during one of his absences from Fabletown) or an entirely original cast of fables living under circumstances not already detailed in the comics. There are loads of fairy tales that Willingham hasn't touched on yet, and I think Telltale would be up to the task. I just think they'd rather focus on TWD and their other, upcoming games.

  • Even if this idea doesn't work out, there are still tons of things Telltale can do for a S2/DLC. A DLC about the other Fables sort of like 400 Days would be nice, and that works as a bridge to a S2 about Bigby and Snow during the 20 year prequel sequence.

    Also, TWDG may end after S2, so don't get me wrong that I'm saying I want TT to drop everything else and focus on a TWAU S2. I'm saying I want a S2 after Tales from the Borderlands comes out and maybe while GoT is coming out.

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    There are tons of things they could do, there always are, but it's been obvious since the second episode that Telltale haven't been playing to their strengths with a mystery game set in a small, enclosed, urban setting with exhaustive lore and strongly outlined, pre-existing characters that the developers have had to keep in mind and conform to or compromise with every single step of the way if they wanted to be true to the source material.

    To make it simple, that kind of game is just much harder to juggle than a straight adventure or survival horror with original characters, which is what Telltale have been doing so far, and, from the looks of it, what they're going back to now that they've experimented a bit with something more complicated.

    Look at Westeros from GoT and the Borderlands universe: huge, open, dynamic settings where a cast of interesting characters can come in at almost any point and location and get into all kinds of trouble without disturbing the existing lore in the slightest, same as in TWD and Jurassic Park.

    I think The Wolf Among Us is an experiment with a different kind of storytelling, and, again, while it has been awesome and enjoyable and we all want more, it hasn't been nearly as seamless and friendly to newcomers as The Walking Dead, and it seems to have been a real headache for the developers.

    We might get some token DLC, but I seriously doubt that a second season is going to be a priority, at least not before Telltale have a few more games under their belt.

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    With the comics set in the future, it will and has been difficult for Telltale to keep their characters in check with the comic story. But its not something they haven't done before. Robert Kirkman, even if it isn't his story, has a say in the game (TWDG) because it takes place in the comic book world. Also, they would have to do that for GoT, Jurassic Park, and the developers of Borderlands 2. Creating a story with a character's fate predestined no matter what is not something new for Telltale (plus, with all of this, I'm pretty sure we can conclude that TWAU is not the only game that has given TT developers headaches).

    Fabletown is also a great setting for a mystery game. They managed to get so much done in the first season with only visiting a couple of places: The Woodlands, The Pudding n Pie (with the hotel nearby I forgot its name), The Tweedle's office, The Lucky Pawn, the butcher shop. Bigby even visited the Crooked Man and he technically wasnt in the general Fabletown area. For a game like the ones Telltale makes, where you do not have to "scavenge to survive" and all, a seemingly "small" setting can be enough.

    I'm not agreeing and I'm not disagreeing with you man, There are plenty of reasons why Telltale shouldn't make a S2 and there are plenty of reasons why Telltale should make one. One thing I will say for sure that I agree with you is that Telltale should focus on TFTB and GoT before a S2 happens.

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    But it is, and it shows. The Fables universe isn't enclosed, no, but Fabletown is and all the protagonists are concentrated there, excepting a few solitaries mentioned earlier, confined to a few city blocks in central New York surrounded by mundies who can't be involved in the story in any way. There aren't a whole lot of different stories that can play out under those circumstances, much less ones that can be adapted into anything more exciting than an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure.

    And no, they can't just "refer to" the comics. The comic storylines generally aren't adaptable to video games - too little action, not enough focus on single characters, too few short-term plots - and meanwhile the developers have almost 150 issues of expansive, pre-existing lore that they aren't allowed to contradict in any way, almost none of which they'll be able to play with themselves. The setting is awesome, yes, but it's already fully fleshed out and there isn't much room for ambitious, innovative new stories not already intended at its creation. For example, it's stated in the comics that the last time a mundie caught on to Fabletown before then was in the 20's.

    Don't be silly, do you want them to start on the second season as soon as possible because you're asking for it, or whenever they actually feel confident they can make it work? I want them to take their time, and I'd rather they move on entirely if they don't think they can do better than they already have, which is genuinely dubious.

  • That would go against cannon, Im afraid. The Fables work really hard to stay out of sight of the Mundys.

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    That and there is a spell set over the entirety of fabletown that makes mundies less observant.

    Besides Tommy Sharp, i don't remember any mundy from the comics even remotely having an idea there was something different about fabletown. There was Branigan in the game, but i dont remember her from the comics.

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    I don't think anyone did Brannigan, maybe a few of her buddies did back when she was at the academy. But currently? ...Nah. The cappuccino machines at the station have been making the doing way too hyperactive. Back when a few other detectives found out, that is.

    So that's why a lot of people have been avoiding her, when she is on her cappuccino kick, look out.

  • There were 2 issues concerning a reporter that noticed that Fables didn't age. It's after the Farm rebellion and before Snow & Bigby's heavily romantic moment in the wilderness.

  • That was Tommy sharp.

  • In one of those 2 issues it is mentioned that there were several mundies that discovered something about fables, and that they were easy to kill because no one would care or look deep. I highly doubt no one would notice an abandoned police precinct.

  • Oh. I don't remember that.

  • It's almost the entire 10th page of issue #12.

  • We dont want a season 2, WE NEED IT!. Though im more in favor of conflicts within fabletown rather than mundies interfering but i would settle for either thing.

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    Comic storylines wasn't really an option. Telltale will most likely make S2 during the 20 year prequel because they are usually good about not forcing players to have background knowledge on a series to play one of theirs. What I meant in "referring to the comics" was in setting wise, since there could be a shortage of locations. But on the topic of following comic storyline, "short term plots" would be good for an episodic game. Also, saying a TWAU S2 would be bad because shortage of locations is like saying TWDG S2 would be bad because you play as little girl.

    And I'm not "silly". If you want to read before you argue, you see I'm not expecting a S2 this December. If taking some extra time is necessary for a S2, then I will wait for it.

    I have no wish to argue with you man. Like I said, there are plenty of reasons why Telltale should and shouldn't make a S2. We are all entitled to our opinions and even if I don't like it, I respect yours, and I wish you would do the same to pretty much everyone else's opinion in this discussion, including mine.

  • But that's exactly what I'm saying, Fables as a comic is horrible for this kind of adaption. There aren't a whole lot of locations, and comic the narrative is incompatible with video games. The only thing TWAU and Fables have in common is Fabletown as a setting and the iconic characters, and the writers have had to be careful not to write themselves into a corner lest half the fanbase cry foul over them contradicting canon in some way or another.

    And they're barely keeping up. The dialogue is often hurried and sometimes nonsensical, the episodes arrive irregularly and the plot comes in coughs and hiccups, a far cry from the natural, seamless storytelling allowed by every other setting they're basing their games on. A lot of players were especially upset at the latest release because they didn't feel that there was enough genuine content, and that's been getting worse from episode to episode. I don't mind myself, but if I was a developer, I wouldn't consider a second season worth the headache. Not with much simpler prospects on the horizon.

    And if you don't want to argue then stop arguing, don't make a spiel about how everybody's opinions are valid and I'm disrespecting them all by disagreeing with you.

  • To be honest...I hope there wont be season 2. TWAU lost the excitement. I just realized that 3 of my friends stoped playing TWAU since episode 2, wich was in my opinion, the lamest episode from Telltale wich I ever played. I have no problem with the length of teh other episodes, but somehow it wasnt so exicting like TWD. And the main problem on this settign is...the wait. Hell we still dont know why Faith dieded? I dont know why. And if it was explained, I forget it. And it looks like that no fables adherence the rules Nobody and everybody blames the sheriff for some reason.

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    I have never read the comics so as far as the location wise you may be right. The idea that I posted for this discussion was something Telltale developed, not me. They might have agreed with you while making this which is why they rewrote it, or just came up with a different idea which they thought was better. Either way, if it was a valid option for S1, it could be a valid option for S2, depending on how Ep.5 ends.

    The dialogue within all of these episode's have certainly not been nonsensical, and Ep. 4 was a transitional episode, which is why it has been getting a lot of crap. It can be understandable, but there have been those episodes in all of Telltale's games. The plot has definitely not been coming in coughs and hiccups however. It is a mystery game, so one thing will lead to another until the entire plot reveals itself.

    Like I said, there are plenty of reasons why Telltale should and shouldn't make a S2 - and all of your points are valid reasons why they shouldn't, but there are still a lot of reasons why they should.

  • I'd adore a 2nd season! I really think there's a lot of potential for it as long as they keep on collaborating with Bill Willingham for consistancy since things have been really well done thus far. Plus giving us the option to look into places we never see full interiors of in the comics like Beauty and Beast's apartment was cool. I can think of plenty of places I'd dig seeing in TWAU.

  • I was thinking that a second season could deal with the rebuilding process after the first Season. We are already seeing the process beginning in the 4th Episode, and there is serious work needed, like encouraging Fables to have faith in the system, sorting out the injustices, and possibly dealing with a new criminal group.

  • A Fables adventure game doesn't need to be set in Fabletown. You can have a game about one of the tourists. Or just one of the fables who live among the mundies anywhere in the world. Then there's also the second and higher generation fables. If it has to star Bigby again, there's a whole bunch of stories you can tell about his WW1 and WW2 experiences.

  • One of the reason's i love this game so much is because i can be a detective I don't want to be detected!

  • A reason TWAU has gotten such great reviews is because people like playing as Bigby, so if they want to make something revolving other Fables a DLC is more likely for that (sort of like how 400 Days revolved around other characters that led into S2 - a DLC about other Fables could do the same)

  • Who's to say people wouldn't like to play as Cindy or Mowgli or Prince Charming or even a character not featured in the comics? Personally, I'd probably prefer it over playing as because you can only do so much with him in Fabletown without diverging too much from the comics.

    The TWD game doesn't feature any character from the books and it was still great.

  • Thats because TWD game is an entirely different story, with no characters from the comics save Glenn and Hershel from S1 E1. TWAU only brings out characters from the Fable comics. If they are to make a S2 about different characters, then it wouldnt be a S2 of the TWAU, it would be an entirely different story/game.

    Now, don't get me wrong by saying I don't want to play as other characters, but I feel that that would be best for a DLC which led into a S2 still revolving around Bigby doing something that made him interact with new Fables that you meet in the DLC or briefly meet in S1, such as Flycatcher or Jack.

  • You must have the mental capacity of a peanut.

    Captcha was "isessign farewell"

  • They said the last person to discover them was in the 20s, we are way past that point. Bigby also says that they can't kill anyone like that now because of the internet and they can't risk having the person die to give them credibility.

    There was also one guy who noticed that a battle happened at Fabletown right after the March of the Toy Soldiers but nothing I haven't gotten to the point where anything happened to him yet.

  • The only battle that happened in Fabletown was The March of the Wooden Soldiers. There was the Farm Insurection (ended with the burning of the Barn), Battle of Fabletown (Wooden Soldiers March). After that there is the War with the Adversary's Empire, the Battle with Mr. Dark, and several others. The Battle of Fabletown was seen by a bunch of mundies who were put under 2 spells, 1 to think of the battle as an act, the other is memory wipe.

  • Even Fables the comic doesn't entirely revolve around Bigby. It's just as likely to all of a sudden have an arc about Boy Blue or Rose Red or Fly ect.

  • I'm not talking about the comics. There is a reason they made the game called "The Wolf Among Us" and not "Fables." Its because they wanted the game to revolve around Bigby. If they wanted to make a game about the other Fables it would either be a DLC or if they made an episodic one it wouldn't be called "The Wolf Among Us Season 2" or whatever.

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    Mowgli. Minor title snag averted.

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