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Which Monkey Island titles do YOU own?

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I managed to find a copy of Curse of Monkey Island in a carpet and furniture store in Iowa. How lucky is that? :eek:

As for Escape From Monkey Island, I believe I picked it up in Wal-Mart back when it was still sold there.

And of course I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island. I'll go ahead add it to the poll too.

I still need to find copies of Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge though. :(
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  • Um... do we have a thread for this? I'm not sure, it's all getting a bit confusing. I think we have played, completed, favourite, ...not sure about owned though.

    Oh well, moving away from that... add a poll!

    Edit: And I see you've done just that.
  • Hehe, there's going to be every poll category under the sun about these 4/5 games. I'm a bit tired of seeing the same 4 game names in each one. I think there's like four of them now. There's one for who has played which MI games, who has beaten which MI games, and the favourite one.

    Anyway, I have all the first four. I will have TMI in.....6-8 days :"(.
  • Currently, I officially own Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island. Escape was given to me as a Christmas present in 2000, and was (some may say, sadly) my first experience with the series. In late 2005, I ordered Curse of Monkey Island through the LucasArts Store, and had a heck of a time getting it shipped, but when it did, they accidentally sent me two copies. I never did complain about it, though. My own personal theory is that they were trying to quickly unload their back catalog of adventure games.

    I do not own Secret of Monkey Island or Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, but I plan to purchase them as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I played them both in 2001, and they were a lot of fun.

    Oh, and I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island on June 1st.
  • I own:-

    The Secret Of Monkey Island (CD Music version)
    Monkey Island 2
    The Curse Of Monkey Island
    Escape From Monkey Island

    and have pre-ordered TOMI and will also get MI special edition.

    I like monkey island :)
  • I had an inkling there was! But I thought I was just being silly and getting confused.

    Hm... could the two threads (and their respective votes) be merged?
  • MusicallyInspired;130801 said:
    Anyway, I have all the first four. I will have TMI in.....6-8 days :"(.
    ....wait, what?
  • Shale;130850 said:
    ....wait, what?
    He means he can pre-order them then I think.

    Anyway, I apologize. I looked around but didn't find that topic, so I thought no one had made one yet.
  • I own: None! That's why I'm buying the new remake.
  • All.

    To anyone who has missed out on the first two Monkey Island games, download ScummVM, and track down copies of those games at all costs. MI2 is, for instance, one of the greatest examples of adventure game design and execution in existence. It simply should not be missed by fans of point&click adventures.
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