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Paganism in TMI?

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i'd like to start this thread with an apology to the Telltale Games crew. it seems i overdid it with some comments about the mi game being in the process of production. sorry if i offended you in any way with my previous posts. im honestly excited that theres going to b a new mi game.

i kno u've been taking a lot of pressure recently from MI fans complaining about the game ur making. must've been a lota stress.

i think i know why the people like Monkey Island. it is for the game's atmosphere. the atmosphere of magic, the atmosphere of humour, the atmosphere of love and romance. i'm sure, we all want to keep that atmosphere, that's why everyone's worried about the game. it just means too much to us.

i'm not too worried about the type of graphics, control or the looks of characters or etc.. i have just one major concern (which i've stated before).

so... this isn't a complaint... nor is it a statement. i'd refer to it as a petition. i've watched an interview with you guys recently, and i believe that your intensions are good. perhaps i used a rather rude way to draw ur attention the first time...

as you know, my concerns are caused by the title of the fifth episode of TMI. of course, i discern nothing about the plot... i am vexed about the matter, though...

i'm asking you to leave this poll open for the sake of all the MI fans out there, who share my concern. if our point of view doesn't make it to the top, do as you please. but if it does, consider this a petition from us to free TMI from becoming just another pagan game.

let it stay religiously neutral as before (of course stuff like silly 'cannibals' and 'voodoo' magic doesn't count).

hoping every1'd share their opinion with us!
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  • turingmachine604;130913 said:

    Oh, and hate to break it to you... I'm going to assume you subscribe to one of the Judeo-Christian based faiths as typically complaints like yours come from that camp. The central God of Christianity/Judaism/Islam; YHWH, comes from a polytheistic faith. You see, around 1500 BC there was a city called Ugarit that had a pantheon of gods with the head god "El" and his court the "Elohim". Among this court was a relatively minor deity YHWH; a storm god. Eventually, the cult of YHWH grew and after Ugarit was destroyed in the "Bronze Age Collapse" many survivors joined this cult and began to worship YHWH as the high god. These people eventually began to be identified as the Jewish tribes, and switched from a polytheistic faith of Ugarit to a monotheistic faith worshiping solely YHWH. Judaism then gave rise to Christianity and Islam. So there you have it; YHWH (and by extension his son Jesus) comes from a minor pagan polytheistic cult circa 1500 BC. Don't believe me? Go open up an encyclopedia or take some classes in comparative religions and the ancient Middle East.
    Actually I think that there were other Monotheistic religions before the cult of YHWH, Echnaton in Egypt introduced a montheistic religion before that arair! Echnaton lived 1300 BC not sure if the judaic religiouns already were monotheistic. Also dont forget about Zarathustra in Persia around 1800 BC, who introduced the concepts of one god and heaven and hell!

    The good question is which one was first, I guess we never will know!
    (The same goes for things like did Abraham ever exist, which is very likely. I personally think that Abraham existed and had a monotheistic religion and later on after they have moved to palestine over the centuries it probably merged into the cult of JHWH, or they used JHWH as anchor point to move the people to the new monotheistic religion) There often are such anchor points, for instance in catholic and orthodox christianity, the holy people replaced the pagan gods for worshipping. It was easier than to introduce one single god without anyone else around him, to be grasped for people coming from a multi deitic religion!
  • Get this out of my Monkey Island forum. :P
  • so i have no problem with paganism, occultism, political incorrect
    comments and other stuff like that... i love the comments of sam
    in your seasons ... thats really make a lot of fun ;-)

    hope to see many of that in tales of mi *ggg
  • I predict that this thread will be locked soon. I feel sorry for the web staff that has to maintain these forums. Although, I am sure that the pay is decent.
  • "let it stay religiously neutral as before (of course stuff like silly 'cannibals' and 'voodoo' magic doesn't count)."


    I'm a practicing Catholic and I can honestly say that the presence of voodoo in any previous MI game has never once crossed my my mind as being an issue. It's a game, set in the carribean in the distant past. And if voodoo's not a problem for anyone why on earth would paganism be a problem???????

    Was Nur-Ab-Sal offensive to anyone's religion in Fate of Atlantis?

    Honestly, get a grip.
  • I hate this thread. I blame it on the Wiccans.
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    tpm1999;130858 said:
    The original poster is a funny way...not in a bite your face off way.
    MusicallyInspired;130861 said:
    Are you still here?
    y shouldnt i be?
    LuigiHann;130878 said:
    makes me really want to question your tin-foil-hat status, but I'm gonna try and back off...
    im fine))) just expressing my opinion bout continuation of my favourite game series.
    edweird;130884 said:
    Frankly, if you are afraid to be exposed to anything that contradicts your belief system
    ur wrong! as a matter of fact there's been a number of times when i discussed religious matters with different people, who have different beliefs. moreover, i feel that every1 has the right to choose their faith, and, i respect that right. all i want, is the game to be free from stuff, that perhaps (maybe i even got the wrong picture bout the title as some ppl say) is in this new part. thats all.
    Molokov;130905 said:
    But in a game like this, we should expect a lot of mysticism and fantasy
    thats not a problem with me. i never said im against it. its probaply what makes a good game stand out.
    turingmachine604;130913 said:
    Voodoo, as it were, is a legitimate religion (not something silly)
    i never called it silly... the "silly" in what i've written refers to 'cannibals' only. u dont actually happen 2 b a cannibal, do u?)))
    turingmachine604;130925 said:
    and god is capitalized merely because that follows the grammatical rules for capitalization in titles.
    well, if thats the case...

    i dont recall using the word 'offensive', so whyd u keep saying i find something offensive, when i didnt say so. all i said was, that i want it to b religiously NEUTRAL (and by that i didnt mean for it to exclude any mentioning of religion). thats all.

    u dont have 2b so aggressive with me. i can somewhat comprehend what ur saying. by "sharing opinion" i really meant what i said, not "start an endless fight".

    there's nothing wrong with som1 sharing his opinion about his favourite game series' future. or, maybe, you think there is?

    just take it easy a bit. and if the problem is as ridiculous as u say, then why are you so uptight about it?
  • Making voodoo dolls was fun. And voodoo is a kind of paganism.

    So I guess the question is rather wrong, since it assumes the previous games were without paganism, even though they were. Probably all of them.

    I looked it up and in Monkey 2 its even a real voodoo doll recipe! :D Okay maybe not.
  • This thread needs to be sacrificed to the Forum God before the Forum erupts - let's just hope it doesn't contain too much cheese... :D

    np: The Postal Service - Brand New Colony (Give Up)
  • "You fool! You gave cheese to a lactose intolerant volcano god!"

    Meh, paganism/voodooism, its all part of the popular stereotype of the golden age of piracy, and is perfectly acceptable in a humorous pirate game. I never saw any complaints about Tia Dalma and Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean.
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