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Question for people who bought from us with PayPal in the OLD store

posted by Emily on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users
We've heard from a few people that PayPal is restricted to credit cards (which sort of defeats the point of having a PayPal option as an alternative to credit cards!) I'm trying to figure out if it has always been this way, or if it just started being the case when we moved to the new shopping cart experience last week. Do any of you who bought from us using PayPal in the past (before we updated our website) remember being able to draw funds from a bank account?
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  • I bought the first two Bone games using Paypal and that was through funds deposited from by Bank account. That's the way I've always done it whether it's buying stuff from overseas or on eBay.

    That's though, I don't know if it's different for other countries.
  • I sended a mail to paypal to ask about this.

    He said this: On this moment the only thing available in Belgium is to pay with creditcard with paypal. You can only use your bank account to transer funds from paypal to your bank account.

    Don't know if it's the same with other countries. But there is the wire option that makes it availeble to me.
  • Paypal works just fine for me with a bank account, as long as I transfer the money from my bank account first, I managed to buy the second bone game just fine using your old system.

    Unfortunately for me, I didn't think to transfer the money to my paypal so I could buy sam & max, and it didnt work, so now I have to wait while the money transfers.
  • Thanks for the info, guys. :)
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