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Key Required error when booting with usb harddrive

posted by gulbaek on - last edited - Viewed by 628 users
Hi I just found an problem with the hardware fingerprint.

If I start my computer with my usb harddrive turned on it gives me a different fingerprint compared to when the harddrive is turned off.

This result in the following error.

This forces me to reactivate sam & max.

Okay I got an activation code for each fingerprint now, but still kind of annoying and is there a limit on how many times I can activate my game?
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  • The game ships with 5 activations, to help deter piracy. Any valid customer who needs more activations than this just needs to email us and ask.

    I just checked your order, and I see one activation with a manual activation key on Friday, Nov. 3. Did you ever activate the game with the second key? Any activations you've done since then (with the same key or a different one) don't seem to have been counted.

    In general I'm a little surprised by this problem because I didn't think we were including USB peripherals as part of the hardware fingerprint. (Not that I don't believe you... it's just not supposed to work that way!) We have a USB hard drive in the office, so I'm going to try it on my computer at work tomorrow and see what happens.
  • Hi I got a second activation key, but it is not working. Think its because my last name is Gulbæk. So I just start my computer with the usb harddrive off.
    And use my first activation key where my last name is spelled Gulbaek.

    And the usb harddrive is a Maxtor One Touch 250 GB if that hepls.
    Just write if you want more information.
  • gulbaek;13094 said:
    Hi I got a second activation key, but it is not working. Think its because my last name is Gulbæk.
    Yeah, the system has a problem with special characters.

    If you want to send me a PM with the hardware fingerprint when the USB hard drive is on, I can send you a new activation key with the last name spelled Gulbaek. But if starting the game with the USB harddrive off is an option, that might be less of a hassle.
  • I'll just start my computer with the harddrive off, so no need for a second activation key.

    Just wanted to inform You that the hardware fingerprint changed when using the usb harddrive.
  • Yes, thank you for letting us know!
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