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Monkey Island graphics whores...

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seriously... what is the deal with so many point and click fans being such graphics whores? I mean it's 2009... and people are still confused and bitchy about why the newest point and click game isnt in 2d. :mad:

People say 'monkey island is intended to be in 2d' ...where does it say that? do you really think the developers would've made their games in 2d back in the early 90's if they had the 3d technology? They made it in 2d because that was their only choice.

Don't get me wrong i love the 2d graphics, but i have to say telltale do a fantastic job with 3d graphics which they somehow make colourful and charming. Even so it does not matter, if the graphics are simply faithful to the spirit of the game then that's all you really need. They dont have to melt your eyes off in glee. Let the story, humor and characters do that.

I mean come on... is graphics the reason why your fans of monkey island? is graphics the reason your fans of point and click games? Aren't you more interested in whether they've captured the characters and humor? :)
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  • Seriously, what is the deal with people making new threads instead of replying to the post they're arguing against?
  • LuigiHann;131466 said:
    Seriously, what is the deal with people making new threads instead of replying to the post they're arguing against?
    :mad: thanks for taking the p**s.

    Because when i do post in old threads everybody ignores me, if i post a new thread i'm more likely to be heard.

    Edit: besides if it's such a bother to not have us all gathered in to one forum then please go ahead and delete this forum. (i know i'm probably making a ass of myself but now i'm ticked off for being mocked.)
  • I mean, you could've simply said 'there is a forum for this' but no... you've got to take what i said and use it to mock me. Not cool dude, pretty immature of you. there!
  • Seriously, what is the deal with people making new posts instead of editing their last one, when their post was the last one in the thread anyway?

    Just kidding :p

    Anyway, I agree with your point in this thread... many people seem to really obsess about the graphics.
    I personally love 2D to death, but I'm not letting that get in the way of looking forward to these games!
    Graphics isn't everything, and besides - I think Tales looks fine!
  • Armakuni;131493 said:
    Seriously, what is the deal with people making new posts instead of editing their last one, when their post was the last one in the thread anyway?

    :p Just kidding :)
    Nice one :D

    Seriously... what's with people starting rants with seriously? i mean just... just... seriously!!!

    Yeah, definitely. I'm really not that worried, telltale won me over with sam and max, so i'm pretty sure it will be a blast.
  • LuigiHann;131466 said:
    Seriously, what is the deal with people making new threads instead of replying to the post they're arguing against?
    It's not just a single post though. Why should the complainers be allowed their own topics when the defenders can't?
  • The beard bothers me. Not much.

    Thats about it.
  • I agree with you, and if it's any consolation, from what I've observed the people who want 2D are in a stark minority. It's also fair to point out that one shouldn't confuse a fan of one of the first three Monkey Island games (Lechuck's Revenge was my favourite) with someone who obsesses about 2D.

    The problem is (and this has something to do with how human psychology and social engineering works, too) that those who like 2D are generally louder and more passionate than those who love 3D, despite being greatly outnumbered. If there were more people who were passionate about the 3D graphics (as opposed to simply liking them and being pleased by them) then the balance wouldn't give the illusion of being the opposite of what it actually seems to be.

    I, for one, am actually quite passionate about Telltale's choice, because let's be fair and look at what they did...

    1. They looked at Monkey Island 2 and saw how Guybrush had evolved (compared to the reverse evolution that the following two games suffered) and learned from that, they based their character on that evolution, and continued to evolve from there, instead of remaining stuck in the past. This is a good thing.

    2. They looked at what worked from all the games (things like vibrant environments, curly clouds, and so on) and worked that into their design. Thus, Tales of Monkey Island is the first game to show respect to its forebears, all of them, something that even the remake has failed to do. This, again, is a good thing. They've seen what's been done, and they're building on it instead of just repeating it.

    3. 3D offers for a greater degree of freedom than 2D. No matter what you do with a 2D adventure game, it's always going to be flat characters walking around on an image slideshow. You'll never be able to look behind a hut, or turn an item over in your hands. Whilst keeping the style of Monkey Island to the best of their ability, they're now offering this visual freedom, and that shows.

    4. For all the gusto of the games of old, I feel that more can be done with 3D animation than with 2D animation (sorry!). When you compare movies like Bolt with older Disney movies, this becomes rather apparent. 2D animation can often look choppy and stilted, whereas the 3D approach can provide smooth, cinematic scenes. These are gloriously displayed in the trailer. Telltale might have to limit their textures, but their animators are second to none.

    (Telltale, give your animators a raise!)

    On the topic of 4, I will point out that bad animation can kill a 3D game, because a big part of 3D is the animation, the way you move, the way the environment flows, the way everything interacts, it's all important. Compare a game like Gothic 3 with Oblivion, the animation thereof at least. Oblivion has very poor animation, and this is obvious as whilst the World is pretty, it looks very dead and stilted.

    So I love the new 3D approach, it makes the game feel alive and this is something that I feel is new to Monkey Island given the restrictions of 2D. Whereas 2D can only have very basic pans and cut-in closeups (both of which MI 1 and MI 2 relied upon), 3D can spin around, swoop in and out dramatically, it can zoom in and out, and it can view things from a multitude of angles, giving the ongoings a cinematic feel.

    That's why I'm glad that Tales of Monkey Island is in 3D, but not so much the OMG hi-res textures, mip-map shadow filtering, bump-mapping, anisotropic filtering, environment-mapping... *drool* side of it (just the purely technological aspects) but what can be done with it if one has a stable of people who really understand 3D. The portrayal of a living, breathing World that 2D could never aspire to.

    Another 2D game would be dull in my opinion, and just as dead-looking as most 2D games of the past are. So how can one not be excited about this? It's Monkey Island, and not just in 3D, but well done 3D!

    There, that should help even out the perceived imbalance.

    My work here is done. *teleport!*
  • You know, as much as I'm looking forward to Tales of Monkey Island (very much!), I reckon that if time, money, and resources were not issues, the Monkey Island series would be 2d to this day.

    There is something about traditional 2d background art, at least, that seems better suited to capturing the warmth, character, quirkiness, and magic of Monkey Island's setting. The trouble is, it's time consuming and expensive to make games with MI2/CMI-quality production values.
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