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Monkey Island Remakes - Curse and Escape

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Personally, I'm thrilled we're getting Monkey Island sequels. It's one of the best things and happiest moments of my life - it's like a nostalgia trip for me. I think the first remake will do well considering it coincides with the "Tales of Monkey Island" release - I could see both helping fuel the other. And I think Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is a foregone conclusion.

And I think this'll be highly profitable for LucasArts and Telltale.

But what about Curse and Escape? Curse has some of the most beautiful graphics due to its hand drawn style. Escape is...well, Escape is Escape - it has those nasty clunky 3d graphics but the voice overs and funny content.

There's less to update for Curse and Escape. Would you bother changing much beyond graphics? Many would argue the graphics for Curse shouldn't be altered.

Personally I think the best way to handle this situation would be to do both Curse and Escape as a package. It requires the least amount of work - there's no need for voice overs or major score updates. Due to Curse's amazing hand drawn style, you would want to keep the switch functionality.

It'd also be handy to have remakes as older PC games become less and less usable on newer computers - it makes it more accessible for people who don't know stuff like ScummVM is.
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  • It wouldnt be a MI game without Dominic Armato as Guybrush
  • I think the whole reason behind SMI:SE (and of course the supposed LCR:SE) is (are) to help bring the canonical universe of MI to a wider audience. A lot of us (myself included) grew up from a very young age playing the original games. Some here didn't "grow up" playing them, but are still capable of appreciating the original games in-tact, as-is, the way they were designed nearly 20 years ago.

    Times have changed though. For many, the low-resolution, pixelated graphics, MIDI's just too much for some people. Sure, some will look and say, "Hey, it's retro!", but others will look and say "Hey, I barfed! Can WoW now?"

    Not to say I have anything against WoW (which I do :p) but we live now in a time of high-resolution, 3D graphics, voice-acted character speech, full musical scores...things that weren't possible when SMI and LCR came out. It's not to say that there's something wrong with that, it's simply something we have to come to accept.

    So when you ask if there will be a CMI:SE or EFMI:SE, I'd say the answer is no, and frankly I don't see why there should be one. The graphics in CMI were of high enough quality that the graphics alone are not going to turn away a significant portion of potential players. The pixelated graphics of SMI/LCR would. Hmm...actually the minimalistic, "let's-use-as-few-polygons-as-possible" EFMI models might too...:rolleyes:...

    But I think you get what I'm saying. If LA thinks it would be a profitable endeavour, sure, I'll bite. I'll go ahead and buy a copy. Realistically speaking though, even in light that they are now bringing the MI series back after 9 years (noting that the entire series ran in a course of 10 years prior to that), I don't think CMI or EFMI will be getting SEs. Of course it wasn't all that long ago that I was telling some MI fans that "it simply won't happen" for LA to release SMI just to update the graphics and do voice-overs. Shows how much I know! :o
  • CMI would be great in HD.
  • Shiversul;131745 said:

    And i HATE Elaines voice, she sounds like something off them old Harry Potter PS1 Games
    You'll love Tales. image
  • I grew up playing the MI games, but i didnt grow up WITH them :P
  • I grew up playing The Secret of Monkey Island and I'm excited about the Special Edition too. I love the old, but I also love the idea of enhancing old things and making them new again.
  • CMI doesn't need a remake - it's wonderful just the way it is and the art has a timeless quality to it.

    EMI? True, it looks extremely ugly, but this is only partly due to technological limitations. In my opinion, although the art direction is atrocious and the pre-rendered backgrounds are overly simplistic, sterile and lacking in atmosphere, the visuals are the very least of its problems. The plot and story are ill-conceived and the balance between the "historical" setting and contemporary references was off kilter.

    The game felt like a product that had been forced upon writers/artists who had no real interest in or understanding of Monkey Island. When I played it, I couldn't help thinking that the Lucasarts suits at the time must have forced their last remaining adventure game development team to make the game, regardless of whether the staff actually wanted to - or were suited to - do so. This is not a criticism of the developers, of course - they were/are obviously a talented bunch - but perhaps they should have created something of their own choosing rather than being burdened with creating EMI.

    No, to adequately remake EMI, you'd need to completely rethink the art style, theme, plot, and characterisation to make it work. You'd be better off making a new game!
  • What i wanna know is, do the voices carry over when you switch from Original to remake?
  • Only thing I want from Lucasarts is for them to record Dialogue for MI2 SE.
  • Shiversul;131771 said:
    What i wanna know is, do the voices carry over when you switch from Original to remake?
    Yeah. I'm not saying strip the voices. As is, they're perfect.

    Hell. You could do Escape from Monkey Island: Director's Cut and not include a switch feature. Have people who know the series better fix up part, bring back the voice actors to do a few lines while you're doing these new ones and spruce up the game a bit.

    And you could improve CMI with HD and improved rending - that outline on Guybrush is kinda iffy.

    It'd be cheap and easy because you're not really writing up a new game or programming brand new material. You're slapping on new graphics and art.
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