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Concepts and Such

posted by Ry Guy Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users
Stuff that has lead up to current designs and stuff that has just been left to die.
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  • The fact that you guys (the Telltale Team) are listening to us, and caring about what we wish to see in the upcoming episodes, is the greatest thing I have ever seen regarding a game/project like this.

    I really never thought that one day someone would actually do this! I’m not pointing out at anyone, but most game developers/producers seem to think more about money (and cool graphics/no story = tons of money) than what the consumers really want.

    If only more companies would learn to think like you do, the gaming industry will evolve into something more than just “I make game, you buy!”. I really enjoy this type and level of communication, and I thank you once more for building this bridge between us all. (Even if sometimes we have to use the rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle to get across).

    Hm, from a personal point of view, I’d really like to see Stan return, along with Murray. Maybe even a team-up of the two. I consider them to be the greatest supporting-characters I’ve ever seen in an adventure game. The jokes, the atmosphere, the ideeas themselves should be trademarked. And, they probably are. :p The point: I think that if you bring them back in ToMI, with the original voices (Patrick Pinney as Stan and Denny Delk as Murray), you nailed a really good follow-up of the original series. That is, assuming that the story is great, and as far as I know your projects by now, I say that it is!

    *histerical fan moment*
    Oh! Oh! And, could you, like, have a contest with “Who has the greatest punchline on the following joke set-up”, and the winner gets to hear his voice in one of the 5 episodes? :D
    *end of histerical fan moment*

    Yeah, so…
    I know you can’t give us any details regarding the charaters… But have you thought about bringing back Largo? There are so many good characters, we should bring back osme of the eeeeeevil ones. :p
  • LukeSW;131785 said:
    See, the reason that I liked Guybrush's appearance in LeChuck's Revenge was because it suggested that the character had developed. In the first game, he wants to be a MIGHTY pirate; in the sequel, he is getting closer to achieving his goal, and this is reflected in his appearance.
    If you would compare this to an RPG then it's pretty straightforward because first you start very vulnurable almost naked with your pants, after some time you got those heavy chain mails but if you advanced even more equipment gets lighter again due to some Mithril or magical involvement.

    I always liked the RPGs the most when you weren't this mighty and had all this fancy abilities where a blink of your eye nukes the whole map. Actually it's much more fun beeing on your quest, maybe trying to get mighty (if that's the objective at all), at some point loosing it all again and starting from scratch instead of beeing mighty. Facing death in form of 123 voodoo dragons isn't as enjoyable as having to take care of one skeleton monkey.

    Actually i think in a good adventure you don't have to get mighty at all.

    But i agree that it also doesn't hurt if the clothes reflect what a charatcer already went through, at least as long as this doesn't prevent him from looking displaced most of the time. A pirate outfit like the one from Captain Sparrow for instance works because it's cautious.
  • A pirate outfit like the one from Captain Sparrows for instance works because it's cautious.
    Speaking of which... Do you think that someone will make a MI movie? I mean, if PotC is allready based on the ride with the same name at Disneyland, and the MI series is based upon the same thing... would it have any problems with copyright infringement?

    It would be really cool to bring Dominic to play as Guybrush in a MI movie.
  • Silverwolfpet;131847 said:
    Do you think that someone will make a MI movie?
    Well there was a MI movie in the works at one time, Steve Purcell drew some art for various scenes and he drew LeChuck... but it got canned... I woulda liked to have seen it.
  • Maybe WE could do a MI movie, as a tribute :D Anybody?
  • @ Silverwolf pet don't tempt me, @_@ I love the idea of galloping about in a big coat.

    I must say I really like the art direction, I know this is a really weird thing to say but really like the shapes, that was one thing that really struck me about CMI too the clouds were super swirly.
  • thesporkman;131578 said:
    Oh, man... If adventure games do regain mainstream popularity, the people who claim that action and shooter games promote violence are going to go after adventure games for promoting theft.
    I see you are German?
    Lena_P;131656 said:
    Oh no? Bunnies aren't menacing? What about the Rabbit of Caerbannog?! Night of the Lepus?! Max?!
    I agree with you. Those bunnies are the one thing that secretly terrorizes the earth. I remember when my mother saw Max for the first time. She thought he was cute.
  • Jake;131612 said:
    We listen to and read everything that's said in these forums. Always have and always will! It's great to hear what everyone wants to see, it's great to have a sounding board for our and your ideas, it's great to get feedback on what people think is and isn't working. That said, one of the things you're investing in, one thing you're saying when you buy the games from us is that you trust our judgment to make the game we believe in, to have a creative vision we can execute, to know what feedback is wheat and what is chaff. We're creating a product which you guys are paying for, but we're not doing work for hire for a democratic client base of thousands. Down that road lies madness, and an easily watered down project (which are two things nobody wants).

    In the case of Guybrush's coat, we obviously have love for the coat since it's in the game. We even have love for the long and swishy coat, as from Ryan's concept it's very obvious that we put strong consideration into it. That said, we decided to go a different direction, for reasons aesthetic, technical, and otherwise. I like the look we landed on -- we've got a Guybrush which evokes the Monkey Island 2 look (my favorite look!) but can also be realistically and practically animated in ways which can work in many situations without having to be special cased every time Guybrush is turning right while also leaning to the left and half squatting against a wall or whatever, and without a more procedural physics or cloth system (which our engine currently doesn't have, and realistically won't have any time soon). He's also got a really nice easy to read and recognize silhouette with the shorter coat, which is important in designing your main character. I think at the end of the day we made the right decisions there.

    That said, maybe next time out Guybrush will have a huge coat which trails 30 feet behind him and winds around things like Noby Noby Boy, especially now that we know how much everyone likes bringing back that style of dress for the character. :)
    I respect your decisions on those cases alone. I understand how maybe that little adding of animation might get in the way of certain cases. It's appreciated that your team took the time to find a nice way of bringing the new design across. The design does have a nice clearly read silhouette, and I appreciate that you are showing us the design lead-up to the actual finished product.

    I apologize now to Ry Guy, who I feverishly expressed my discontent onto. Unfortunately, I do not mean to intentionally be rude or arrogant, but I can understand how my post came across as such. I shall remove all formatting from my previous post :rolleyes:

    Let me state my case: I am currently a 3rd year (of four) animation student and am studying every bit of what makes this medium so great. I've been a big fan of Telltale's approach to adventure games and do hope they continue. However, I've been always left with a bit of despair seeing how these games are executed - especially with the animation department. Animation is about bringing things to life, to make things extra-ordinary.

    The things that aren't extra-ordinary are these moments in Telltale games where you're staring at the screen and little to nothing is going on. Some 3d puppet is giving a long winded speech with maybe a casual shrug or hand movement. No expression - nothing. This leaves me empty, and I am saddened because I know there is more behind these characters. I so desparately want to reach into the screen or the mechanics behind the game and make these characters a little more lively. Now, I have not worked in the industry YET, and therefore I cannot help but be a little unaware of the limitations a game engine poses. However, I do know what I'd like to see, and that is more life, more movement, more something to give these characters substance. Just adding that extra sense of depth would help immensely.

    Again, I hope I've stated my case clearly, and hopefully no hard feelings are kept. For those not following the mini-drama happening in this nice thread, do not worry.

    Thanks! :)
  • Guybrush Threepwood;131797 said:
    Set and set. Nice job. :)
    Thanks :) Was a quicky in Photoshop. Turned out quite nicely, but is missing a couple characters :p
  • Edgy_McSpoon;131936 said:

    However, I do know what I'd like to see, and that is more life, more movement, more something to give these characters substance.
    I understand your point of view. Might I ask kindly to apply this wish of yours to the ToMI game, and tell me honestly, after seeing the gameplay and character interactions, don't you feel that they are working on that? If you compare Guybrush's reactions to Max's reactions, you will see progress, and a lot of it!

    Guybrush looks more "full of life" than he ever was in a MI game. The simple fact that he turns his head after an object (hotspot) is a great addition to his character. Don't you agree?

    I am fully aware that the possibilities of making a character more "real" nowadays are greater (see GTA IV), yet... I kinda like the simpler way TTG Team approached MI. It's more cartoony, much more relaxing for the eye (and pleasant) and remember that in MI1 and 2 the story and puzzles were the basic points of the game... The fact the MI1 guybrush didn't blink enough has not ruined the experience. ;)
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